Most people want instant gratification. The good news is that when you're pursuing genuine Core Desires, in most cases you experience constant gratification. You don't have to wait to have fun or joy when you are on the path leading toward your genuine Core Desire.

Having a life in which everything you do is driven by Core Desires-things you love to do or be-is the most satisfying and fulfilling way to live. When you embark on the journey to identify your Core Desires, you will open up to a new way of living-a life where everything you ever wanted will be available to you or you will be on the path toward it, and loving every minute of it.

You can enjoy that great feeling in every area of your life-going through life working on things you really, truly love or want. There are always the "have-tos" to get to your "want-tos," your Core Desires. If you are dedicated to losing weight or getting in shape, you know you must exercise, but you don't mind this, even if it is hard. Only when your "have-tos" lead to an end result that isn't a Core Desire are you unhappy.

Core Desires inspire action. Throughout history, great leaders have rallied others to their causes, inspired people to accept risks and take action, by tapping into their Core Desires. American revolutionary Patrick Henry revealed his Core Desire for freedom in his famous statement, "give me liberty, or give me death." Most colonists shared that Core Desire. They felt oppressed and wanted to overthrow the oppressor. The closer a leader's vision corresponds with his or her followers' Core Desires, the greater and more powerful the leader becomes.

Leaders have followings because they tap into people's Core Desires. When leaders fail to tap into their constituents' Core Desires, their popularity and influence wane. Smart leaders first learn what their constituents want and then adopt those concepts as their own. Once they know the people's Core Desires, they can promise to help them get what they want.

Most things that are worth achieving require that you put forth great effort. Usually the more worthwhile your desire is, the more effort it will require. You won't put forth all that effort unless you are pursuing a true Core Desire.

There may be many things you have to do to get to your "want-tos." To become a doctor, for example, you have to graduate from college and then from medical school. But if you really want to become a doctor, you don't mind that the path is hard, long, and expensive. Imagine going to college just because it's what your parents want for you. Imagine working at a job that you hate just to get a paycheck that can't support the lifestyle you desire. Imagine becoming a respected professional who earns a lofty income and yet, after years of practice, feels stuck in a rut or caught in a downward spiral, wondering, "If I am doing so good, why do I still feel so bad?" That crisis of meaning often hits after we have experienced some initial success.

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