The word yoga has two implications and both are significant. The primary is joint, and therefore the second is samadhi. Until we join ourselves, it'll be difficult to succeed in samadhi. Yoga isn't philosophy or religion, it's over mathematics. Mix two in two, only four will come. Whether you think it or not, just try it. Putting hands within the fire will burn hands; it's not a matter of religion.
If you're physically and mentally strong, then believe me you're having a honest life. However, whomever you ask, he counts some or the opposite. Some are physically ill, others reside stressful lives. Yoga is the simply way to avoid this condition. Of course, it'll be difficult for a few of you to believe this, but now much research project has confirmed that yoga could be a good option for better health. Every disease is going to be treated by yoga.
Yoga springs from the Sanskrit word yuj. It means inert or becoming. We will say it a mix of body and mind. Yoga is a method. Through which latent Powers develop. Yoga could be a group of faith, philosophy, psychology and physical civilization. The aim of yoga is to create the body flexible and disease free. It’s an honest means to satisfy the requirements of body, mind and soul. The way Patanjali has told about physical health and health through yoga is named Ashtanga Yoga. It has eight parts

1. (Restrain)
2. (Observance)
3. (Posture)
4. (Regulation of breath )
5. (Abstraction)
6. (Concentration)
7. (Meditation)
8. (Trance)
Yoga is a very awesome practice for all people who would like to do regular yoga. Yoga practice gives us a healthy lifestyle and leading a better life. Yoga is the action under which different parts of the body are brought together and also the task of balancing the body, brain and soul is finished. Earlier, yoga was practiced with meditation. Yoga could be a combination of breathing exercises and physical activities. Yoga may be achieved by systematic, scientific and results improvement of both physical and psychological state.
Nowadays the practice of yoga has increased. Mostly people are doing yoga. You ought also to mate, because all kinds of incurable disease can even be cured by yoga, but the question arises that who should practice yoga and who mustn't and which yoga should be practiced for the way long?
Yoga instructors say that practicing yoga is not for everyone. Some types of group yoga training can cause problems, even popular pranayams like Kapalbhati and Anulom-Antonyms can cause problems. This pranayama directly attacks the heart and lungs. There are rules and discipline to do kapalbhati and bhastrika. Not everyone can do it.
Experienced yoga instructors believe that not everyone can be cured by yoga all the time. People have different lifestyles and every person has different reactions to yoga. Therefore, no particular posture or pranayama is fixed for any particular problem or disease. Yoga isn't sort of a pill or medicine.
Doing yoga by reading from a book is fatal: many folks do yoga by reading from a book which might prove fatal for them. Per the experience of yoga teacher, by learning yoga from the book and starting the practice of Nauli Kriya.
Doing Yoga by staring at the TV Channels: Nowadays Yoga is being educated on TV channels and individuals are additionally doing yoga by bringing CDs. Experienced yoga instructors accept that it isn't all in all correct to do yoga by viewing a yoga teacher on TV. Under the supervision of experienced teachers, yoga should be done only after teacher training of Yoga.
Yoga is very beneficial if done on empty stomach in the morning. If this is not possible, then keep at least two or three hours difference between yoga and food. Some time after yoga you can have food yet don't eat at least 2 hours before yoga.
Not only India, today the whole world is crazy for yoga. This is the reason why yoga has also become a better career option. You are also getting good salary for making a career in yoga. In the last few years, the demand for yoga experts has increased from private yoga instructors to major multi-national offices.
To make a career in yoga, it is very important that you are a good speaker. You should have the ability to explain your point through yoga from one person to the group. Apart from this, you need to have a good knowledge of English along with your language. If you have mastered yoga as well as any other foreign language, then you can get this opportunity easily.
Before becoming a yoga teacher, also keep a detailed knowledge about yoga itself. After this, training from a good institute and continuing its practice is necessary. If you do not have the proper practice, book knowledge in yoga cannot make you successful.
Every day yoga practice at house makes you healthier, more creative, peaceful and happy. Expect this, these benefits are not only for enjoying you. It not only gives you joy but also gives your family a sense of positive energy and joy all around you. Additionally, you get an opportunity to practice yoga within the comfortable environment of your home.
Some Great Tips on how to do Yoga at Home
 Choose a convenient time
 Choose a comfortable place
 Practice on a relatively empty stomach
 Keep your yoga wear simple
 Warm up before doing intense yoga postures
 It is your own body; be gentle on it
 Be consistent
 Make yoga time as ‘family fun time’
 Include a variety of yoga techniques
 Do not start with a difficult posture
Yoga should always begin with the easiest posture. Even after practice, do easy posture in the beginning, then slowly moves towards difficult posture, there will be no fear of getting hurt.
Let us also know what benefits we can get from yoga practice?
1. By doing regular yoga, all the organs of the body work smoothly.
2. Different poses of yoga benefit different parts of the body. In yoga, every small a part of the body is exercised. And your bodies become flexible or let’s say that the body's flexibility increases.
3. Anyone can perform yoga poses, from young child to elderly person. As long as we do regular yoga, then its benefits will continue. Even once you are unable to try to so for a few reason, there aren't any side effects. All you've got to stay in mind is that if you have already got any problem in any a part of the body, then don't do any such asana which affects the troublesome part in any way.
4. There are many yoga asana, which fix any troublesome part, but such asanas should be done under the recommendation and supervision of a yoga expert.
5. Yoga gives you peace of mind besides your body. Many postures and meditations of yoga control your thoughts and balance them, which causes the mind to stay calm.
6. To measure a successful life, the body needs positive energy and mental strength, which we get from yoga itself.

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