There are innumerable buddhas in heaven, which spring forth from the Adibuddha, the self-emanating, self-originating primordial Buddha, before which was not anything that was made.  Buddha is a term that means that the master has attained buddhic consciousness and full integration with the three higher bodies-the Christ Self, the I AM Presence and the Causal Body. Buddhists call these levels of spiritual attainment the Nirmanakaya, the Sambhokaya, and the Dharmakaya. Some buddhas are well known, like Gautama Buddha and Kuan Yin. Other buddhas are less known, but still very effective when called upon.

The Five Dhyanni Buddhas are celestial buddhas with tremendous power, transcendent beings who that are conduits for universal divine forces. They work together as a mandala and bring us the mastery of the secret rays within the secret chamber of the heart. They come to help us over come the five poisons with a specific spiritual antidote.

The Buddha Vairochana brings to us the all pervading wisdom of the dharmakaya within our higher self to consume the poison of ignorance. His name means, “he who is like the sun” and his mantra is Om Vairochana Om.

The Buddha Akshobhya grants us mirror-like wisdom that consumes hatred in all of its forms. His name means “the unmovable or unshakeable”" and his mantra is Om Akshobya Hum.

The Buddha Ratnasambhava intensifies the wisdom of equality to help us overcome the poison of spiritual, intellectual and human pride. His name means the “jewel-born one” and his mantra is Om Ratnasambhava Tram.

The Buddha Amitabha floods us with discriminating wisdom that consumes the poisons of the passions, all cravings, covetousness, greed and lust. His name means “Infinite Light” and his mantra is Om Amitabha Hrih.

The Buddha Amoghasiddhi bestows all-accomplishing wisdom, the wisdom of perfect action that consumes the poisons of envy and jealousy. His name means “almighty conqueror” and his mantra is Om Amoghasiddhi Ah.

The spokesperson for the Five Dhyanni Buddhas is Vajrasattva, who is the synthesis of all of their qualities. Vajrasattva's name means “diamond nature” and he anchors within us the diamond will of God that overcomes fear, doubt and non-belief in God. He is seated on the lotus in the secret chamber of our heart as a golden buddha. Vajrasattva serves on the karmic board, anchoring the wisdom and the assistance of all of the Dhyannhi Buddhas. His mantra is Om Vajrasattva Hum.

The Buddha of the Ruby Ray has the intense mastery of divine love. He abides in the heart of the earth, and has done so since the days of Shamballa. He holds the nucleus of the planet through divine love, until earth's people have embodied enough fiery love that they can hold that spiritual balance by their own attainment. Many ruby ray angels serve with the buddha of the Ruby Ray and would assist us in overcoming harmful lifestyle choices, including poor diets, harmful music and the saturation of the mind with entities. These fiery angels maintain a cave of ruby light in the heart of the earth beneath the Royal Teton Ranch in Montana, on the borders of Yellowstone National Park.

Lord Maitreya is known as the “Coming Buddha,” and the “Great Initiator.” He holds the office in spiritual hierarchy of Cosmic Christ and Planetary Buddha. Guardian to the earth from Venus, he succeeded Gautama Buddha as Cosmic Christ on January 1, 1956. During a ceremony held at the Royal Teton Retreat, Gautama Buddha assumed the office of Lord of the World, that had been held by Sanat Kumara since the days of Shamballa.

Maitreya is the sponsor of twin flames and initiates souls in the path of personal Christhood. He was the teacher of Jesus and initiated him for the crucifixion and the resurrection. He was also the guru and presence of God in the Garden of Eden, which was actually a mystery school of the Great White Brotherhood on Lemuria, near where San Diego is today. Lord Maitreya would teach us the kindness and compassion of the bodhisattva path. He reestablished a mystery school at inner levels at the Royal Teton Ranch, where he initiates souls in overcoming the serpentine ways of the fallen ones who led Eve astray. His victory manifests as the children of God follow the path of personal Christhood in the footsteps of Jesus and are blessed with the fullness of spiritual regeneration.

Manjusri is a great Buddha who is known as the Bodhisattva of Wisdom, and the patron of arts, sciences, communication and astrology. His name in Sanskrit means “sweet glory.” As master of eloquence and Lord of speech, Manjushri teaches us how to become one with the mind of God, and how to become more effective in our delivery of the Word. We can also call to him to help develop our wisdom, memory and understanding of the scriptures.

Manjushri imparts to us the momentum of practicality, effective planning and accelerated doing. He helps us overcome stress by learning to do things God's way, rather than in a human way. He helps us find balance as we engage in accelerated service, by manifesting kindness. Manjushri also helps us break the patterns of self-condemnation imprinted from the fallen ones, and he bestows a sense of humor that keeps us from taking ourselves or our problems too seriously. His mantras propel us beyond the illusion of duality into the reality of our Real Self. They strengthen us in our mission to be lamplighters to earth, giving to many the gift of enlightenment.

Padma Sambhava was the founder of Tibetan Buddhism, in the lineage of the great Buddhas Sanat Kumara, Gautama Buddha, Lord Maitreya and Jesus. His name means “lotus-born one.” Padma Sambhava was sent by Gautama Buddha to be the incarnation of the Buddha so that all beings might have the hope of becoming that Buddha as well. While he was living, he initiated Yeshe Tsogyal and a circle of twenty-four disciples in the mysteries, and codification of his teaching. He predicted these twenty-five disciples would reembody as tertons, to discover, interpret and reveal these esoteric treasures in a future time.

Padma Sambhava's golden mantra, Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padme Siddhi Hum, is used to avert great darkness. When given thirty-three times, it ushers the soul's ascent into the secret chamber of the heart. Most especially, it expands our love in the face of the most intense anger, hatred, pride, passion, ambition, fear, death and darkness projected against the inner Buddha, helping us conquer these energies.

Padma Sambhava tutors us in the path of service to life as we bear the light of Christ in preparation for our ascension. He initiates us on the spiritual path until we can fully abide in the presence of Jesus, without offending the master or being offended by the master. He helps us to heal our soul from the illness of rancor, resentment and bitterness towards life, transmuting these emotional and mental attitudes into forgiveness, love and gratitude for life's opportunities. He teaches us to give freely so that we might satisfy the Great Law and expands our auric field. He also encourages us to invoke the violet flame daily, that many souls might receive a spiritual boost and spin from the transmutation of records of karma.

We can also call upon the Mother of the World. Her office in hierarchy is the timeless office of one who gives birth to the buddhas. She is the Mother of the Buddhas, who comes to renew the mother flame on earth through each and every one of her children. Her mantra, Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha leads us beyond enlightenment.

At the turn of the twentieth century, Helena Roerich, amanuensis for the master Morya, proclaimed the mission of the Mother of the World in this age.
Behold, the Mother of the World is coming. Behold, the Mother of the World is here.

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