Aromatic, pure, healthy Green Tea with whole Mint Leaves mixed in the right proportion – Asili Green Tea with Mint is a bundle of good health and aroma. Packed in handmade unbleached cotton tea bags, allow the fragrance of mint and green tea to waft over your senses and soothe you into a calm. And unlike most tea bags, there is NO PLASTIC at all. We love the Earth – so our tea bags are handmade, no plastic component, no staples, fully biodegradable and compostable!

Every Sip of this Cup is filled with

- Flavonoids and Anti Oxidants
- Weight Loss Enablers
- Heart Burn Soothers

Green Tea and Mint
- Contains healthy bioactive compounds and prevents aging
- May improve brain function & lower risk of Cancer
- Increases fat burning & reduces bad breath
- May help prevent diabetes & heart disease
- Improves digestion and calms

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Making you healthy the natural way is our key priority and hence each ingredient is procured carefully, keeping in mind it’s natural goodness.