Guaranteed personal loans Marlboro is generally a small loan that is given with a very high interest rate for those with poor credit ratings. It is often called a payday loan. It is a way to get money in a hurry for unexpected expenses, personal use, etc. Most of these loans are due as soon as the one borrowing it receives a paycheck, which could be one to two weeks. On these loans there are usually no restrictions on how the money you borrowed can be use. They are called guaranteed loans because it is very seldom that that people applying for this time of loan are denied it.

Requirements to get loan

• You will have to fill out an application form that is short
• You do not have to undergo a credit check
• You have to be at least eighteen years old
• Show proof of work but how long you have to be on the job will depend on the lender.
• Amount of income you receive. Most will require you to have paycheck stubs but how many again depend on the lender
• Blank check that you make out to the lender for the amount you are borrowing plus interest that the lender keeps until you pay the loan off. If the loan is not paid then the lender has the right to turn the check in for payment from the bank
• Current bank statement
• Some type of valid id.

The lender will take the income the borrower has and do some calculations to figure out the maximum amount that can be borrowed. The amount that is generally borrowed is less than one thousand dollars and can be as few as fifty dollars. The interest rates are very high and can range from ten percent to thirty-five percent. You can complete the application at the lenders or sometimes online. It is not a lengthy process so you will have the money you need that day or if applying online it will be direct deposited within twenty-four hours.

In addition there are some guaranteed personal loans that are available with a more flexible payment schedule to pay back the loan and longer terms. This is the type of loan that a person would seek out for an emergency and need cash in a hurry like a medical emergency, unexpected car repairs, and more.

When applying for this type of guaranteed personal loan always make sure that you are borrowing from a reputable lender. If possible it is best if you do it in one of the brick and mortar buildings so you can see who you are dealing with and know they are legit and always check interest rates before applying.

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