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ITIL certification and exam guide discuss several ITIL certifications and how it may be useful for your career and organization. Furthermore, it provides essential ideas for the ITIL certification exam. ITIL means Information Technology Infrastructure Library, which is a collection of IT service management best practices. It is designed to attain business objectives in line with IT services. ITIL helps develop people's capabilities, technology, and the process by providing guidelines to the organization. The business gets by cyber-security, emerging trends, and cloud computing using the ITIL framework. An individual gets additional skills to demonstrate from basic to master level of IT service management after obtaining ITIL certification.

ITIL certifications

It consists of five types as follows.

1. Foundation
2. Practitioner
3. Intermediate
4. Expert
5. Master

ITIL Foundation

It is an introductory certification to educate an individual with a basic understanding of ITIL best practices. This part has multiple choice exams with forty questions. The individual can attend the exam without completing the contact hours. The contact hours means the class hours the student can attend. This level gives convenience to their students to attend the exam, even by self-study. ITIL foundation is becoming the basic requirement for an IT individual who is working in an organization. Upon passing this level, you can earn two credits. However, this covers ITIL terminology and topics.

ITIL Practitioner

This part covers the ITIL framework and improvement related content. Also, it takes a practical approach to metrics and measurements, application of complementary guidance, and continual service improvements. It helps the student to get a clear idea about an organization’s current state, measurable targets, establishing measurement and metric, and how to correct and streamline the specific path. The continual service improvement program helps to apply tools and techniques in their organization. The exam asks to submit a case study and more questions on practical improvements.

ITIL Intermediate

Lifecycle and capability are composed of two paths and offer ITIL Intermediate Certification. The certification consists of service strategy, service transition, service design, continual service improvement, and service operation. The students need to complete twenty-one contact hours to qualify themselves for the exam. The successful candidate will earn three credits.

In the capability, the cycle holds four individual certifications as service offering and agreements, planning, protection and optimization, operational support and analysis, release, control, and validation—this part mix materials from different core books. The candidates are allowed in the exam only after completing thirty contact hours.

ITIL Expert

This is a high level and suitable for senior leadership or senior level consultant. In the market, ITIL experts have good demand. Upon completion of this level, the person can handle high level consulting and various management activities. In this part, the candidate gets familiar to know how various parts of the ITIL work together.

ITIL Master

ITIL Master is the topmost credential mainly for the people who work in service management and has wide experience in different organizations. There is a huge demand for the ITIL master.

Tips to prepare for ITIL exam

● Read the questions clearly with patience. Double-check your answer before selection. Need to follow the formula, slow-steady, and win the race.
● Preparation is the main process using proper training material or joining in the training class.
● The exam timing for the ITIL certification test is sufficient enough to cross-check the answers. This will help to identify any wrong answers.
● Be relaxed while reading the questions and answering during the exam. More will lead to more mistakes.
● Many free practice exams modules are easily available. It is better to be familiar.
● Try to make note cards based on the key materials while learning. This will improve your memory recall.
● Reading the official ITIL Glossary is the best way for preparation.
● I need to read real-world examples, which will help answer related questions.
● Focus more on the syllabus, which covers most of the questions.
● ITIL foundation exam has multiple complex questions to choose, therefore a clear process to be followed in selecting the appropriate answer after evaluating each content.

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