We, all without exceptions, spend most of our lives chasing after an intangible or an abstract idea called Happiness. However, is it a tangible feeling or an elusive concept?
The fundamental question should focus on the meaning of happiness and the means to experience it.

Some people may experience happiness through accumulating wealth while others would consider achieving exceptional success in their careers an easy route to enjoying the exhilarating benefits of happiness. A great number of both genders think that falling in love with a wonderful member of the opposite gender could pave their paths to happiness.
Is being the center of adulation and respect of others create the healthy environment for one to experience happiness?

Regardless of the variation in the perception of happiness, we may conclude that experiencing the following emotions or feelings could entitle one to claim being happy:

• Physical satisfaction
• Mental stimulation
• Emotional fulfillment
• Spiritual evolvement

Few may argue that happiness can be achieved through:

• Having a successful career
• Being loved by family and friends
• Gaining the admiration and respect of those who share one’s environment
• Enjoying the miraculous benefits of excellent health

Most experts, who ventured into exploring the concept of happiness, have a broad sense of happiness. They believe that happiness envelopes the following:

• Being happy within oneself
• Surrounded by happy family and friends
• Being financially and emotionally secure
• Residing in a comfortable and healthy environment

It is a well-known fact that most of us dream about experiencing all of its components. However, few are fortunate enough to feel its magical wonders.

Those, who were successful in achieving wealth, may lack the time, energy or health to enjoy the fruits of their labors. Others with loving families and friends face the challenge of providing for them. A great number of adults, both males and females, suffer from the lack of opportunities to enjoy mental stimulation.

One may come to the conclusion that happiness is a temporary feeling that may be experienced through moments of joy and exhilaration. A farmer with a good harvest year could experience moments of happiness. A student who passes his or her exams with flying colors may be exhilarated for days.

From the above, the means of experiencing happiness may vary one individual to the next.
The difficulty of attaining happiness arises from regarding it as an integral concept. Divining it into entwined components may facilitate the process of achieving it.

One can start by classifying the aspects of one’s life followed by attempting to achieve happiness in each aspect.
Some people were successful in experiencing happiness for most of their lives by trying to be happy for a single day then the next and so on.

You need to figure out what makes you happy and exert every possible effort to achieve your objectives of being happy.

Author's Bio: 

Holding an honorary professorship from China, Sava Hassan is a Canadian author, poet and educator. He had published three books and wrote numerous articles in various topics in Canada, USA and China. For a year, he was writing an advice column for a major English magazine in China. Sava, occasionally, writes articles for several Chinese English Newspapers. He won several writing awards including four from China.