“You’ve got to love what you do to really make things happen.” Philip Green

We all work better when we’re happy, so why are so many people unhappy in business? Happiness is largely a choice, so choosing to be happy is incredibly simple. Putting it into action is not always so straightforward though.
But in challenging economic circumstances, your business will stand a much better chance of survival if you simply choose to be happy in your work.
Concentrate on the aspects of your business that bring you most pleasure. Doing so will give you the strength to deal with negative people or worrying situations. And if you start to turn towards pessimism, return to more satisfying work. Think of it as reward bank. In this way you can ‘bank’ satisfaction, build up ‘credit’ to draw on as you face less happy tasks.
Nothing is achieved by being miserable, so enjoying yourself while working hard is vital to the success of your business.
Feeling happy in your work will get much easier if you adopt a more positive approach to the current economic climate and realise that this is the biggest opportunity you’ve ever had. Far too many SMEs are focusing far too hard on current results thereby locking themselves into a downward spiral as they condemn themselves to repeating those results.
What they haven’t realised is just how much they can help themselves by thinking their way to success. The Law of Polarity says that for every down there must be an up, so however bad the recession is for your business, there must be something good about it as well. Search for the opportunity and project your energy towards more optimistic, positive outcomes.
In short, if you expect things to turn out for the best, they invariably will. Equally, if you expect everything to go wrong, it most likely does. That being the case, if you can create your own future, why not create a bright one?
It won’t all be plain sailing though, you will inevitably come across problems, but rather than be discouraged by them resolve to become a better problem solver. Too many people are business fall into the trap of problem-raising instead of problem-solving; and then try to avoid the problem instead of attacking it head-on with passion and focus. Don’t be like them, face your future will a glad heart.
Having decided things are going to get better, draw up a plan of how you will make your business work and be prepared to the massive action to realise that plan. Massive action means you need to take significant steps towards your goals by devoting yourself to making them happen. The greater your goals, the greater your action must be.
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Steven Foster knows a thing or two about thinking your way to success. Having left school at the age of 16 without a qualification to his name, by the time he was 30 he had built and lost a business that was turning over more than £2 million a year.
Undeterred, he took stock and reordered his life, shaping the future according to his own Principles of Positive Business. He now runs GTI, the internationally successful creative agency responsible for groundbreaking digital lifestyle products.
Steven Foster is available for interview and to discuss the creation of bespoke articles on all aspects of positive business practice. Contact him at greatideas@george-thomas.com