To augment visualisation, one needs to complement their gloss tiles with the right mix and match decorations. That is why most tile fans say, the more the tiles, the more eye-appealing it becomes. Plus, it’s always worth experimenting with different tiles as tiling spacious rooms do involve a fair deal of investment.  

Take a look at these captivating combinations and then decide which one suits the deed best.

  1. Balancing White Glossy tiles with Statement Patterns

This is one popular style which is gradually becoming a rave. Using large-scale white gloss tiles and matching it up with busy patterns like example – oblong mosaics help create a backsplash which entices attention. This works great for bathrooms having light coloured walls and white window frames.

White gloss tiles

  1. Having Fun with Tile Scales

Another simplistic design is experimenting with different white glossy tile scales. One can implement a dimensional look by combining small white hexagonal tiles on the walls, medium scale hex tiles on the kitchen sink/bathroom basin surrounding and using large-scale white glossy tiles for the floor decoration. If one desires, then they can also use monochrome palettes to bring out a perfectly harmonious appeal.

  1. Juxtaposing White Glossy Tiles with Matte finish tiles

If one intends to give their bathroom or kitchen a tactile appearance, then one good option would be to use matte finished tiles for the walls and glossy white tiles for the surface. To add another dimension, one can also go for exposed brick design for alternative wall surfaces.

It is another widespread interior decor design which many homemakers are using, and it does bring out a different kind to one’s interior space. The best place to experiment would be the bathroom, kitchen or even the study room.

  1. Matching Subway floors with White glossy Walls

There is no end to creativity, and this combination is another example. Homemakers constantly call up suppliers for durable white and subway tiles in Perth for their interior decoration. Just install high glossy bevel-edged subway tiles for the floor and match it up with soft-encaustic white tiles for a serene yet attractive presentation.

  1. Maintain Consistency With Different White Tile Patterns

Using different sized white tiles but keeping the consistency of the tiles is another way to enhance the look of one’s residing space. Simply use white tiles of 2 different sizes but having the pattern and then install it uniformly for bring out the visual connection between those vivid planes.

These are 5 classy design combinations which one can experiment with white glossy tiles. Choose the design as the budget and scope and make that dwelling place praise-worthy.

Some Crucial Considerations:

  1. Always choose a supplier having a good reputation in the market. Check their testimonial section and for how long have they been supplying tiles.
  2. Next check their existing options and also whether they have any project discounts meaning, deductions on the purchase of a complete pallet. That will assist in cutting down expenses considerably.
  3. Also, check if there are some new arrivals coming or not. That reveals the company’s motive to present customers with latest designer tiles in the industry.

Remember these points. This will help one find a prominent supplier of glossy white tiles. 

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The author has lots of experience when it comes to decorating with white gloss tiles and also has relevant information on subway tiles in Perth.