The headphones have gained popularity since the time it was launched on the market. As time goes by, the designs of the models inevitably change for more comfort and better function. Earbud headphones had been a very popular headphone design. Its shape is made to fit comfortably on your eardrums. Therefore, the accumulation of earwax cannot be avoided.

The ear naturally produces a waxy substance called earwax. This substance, more commonly known as earwax, helps lubricate and protect the ear from water and other foreign objects. Unfortunately, wax can find its way into small cracks and crevices in your headphones. When this wax is exposed to air and dries, it hardens, making it difficult to clean. Sometimes it affects the sound quality leading to permanent deterioration,

Headphones with earphones have been studied to be among those models that easily break and damage. Cleaning the headphones from time to time will ensure that wax does not enter the headphones, causing damage to the system. Thus, it helps maintain longevity of its optimal function. Here are some simple steps:

Disconnect the headphones from your mp3 player, like an iPod. You will probably want to focus more on your headphones. Therefore, disconnecting it from your mp3 player allows you to clean your headphones thoroughly.

Moisten the tip of a cotton swab with water. Make sure it doesn't drip, just wet enough to clean the headset. If it gets too wet, it can increase the risk of water getting into the headphones. Water generally damages circuits over time and it is not advisable to expose the interior of the headphones to moisture.

After moistening the tip of your cotton swab, rub it along the surface of your headphones. Try to put gentle pressure on areas that are particularly dirty. For dry wax that is difficult to remove with water and a cotton swab, it may be helpful to put a little olive oil on a cotton tip and rub it against the dirty area. After rubbing the surface of the headset with water, oil, and cotton swabs, you should dry the area with a dry cotton cloth. This ensures that no moisture enters the headphones.

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