Most people are unaware of a very important and harmful truth, that is, when you listen to and watch violent and negative energy shows or movies, you are emotionally affected in a harmful way.  Do you realize that you have the power to choose what goes into your mind 24/7?   Maybe you are a person who doesn’t care and that is okay; however, I definitely have a purpose and reason for living and part of my purpose and reason is to become as healthy as possible, that is, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  I choose to heal my life, one positive mental thought and behavior at a time!   I come from a female line of family members who have had some very horrific cancer.  My mother died from a seven-year battle of numerous types of cancer as well as most of my female cousins.  Many years ago I had a conversation with my God and I stated:  I don’t ever want to get cancer and the answer I received back was:  “You do not ever have to get cancer in this lifetime, but what are you going to do not to get it?” That, my dear friends, is the journey.  That is one of my valued goals for this lifetime and I intend to do all in my power to stay as healthy as possible. Good health is not only relegated to the body, but the mind as well. In order for you or for me to accomplish that goal and heal our lives, we, each one of us, needs to monitor what we take into our memory bank, into our energy field and into our mental thought process.    If you are not staying consciously aware of maintaining a positive mental attitude for your life, then you are leaving yourself open to allow negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs to filter into your mind and behavior. If you feed yourself with toxic thoughts, ideas or energy, and if you do not learn how to release that toxicity, you will be leaving all the cells vulnerable to toxic interaction and results.   Each day we feed our bodies with usually three meals to help us stay healthy and alive but most people fail to realize that they also need to feed their soul and energy with positive fuel if they want to live a full, healthy and fruitful life and lifestyle. To heal your life requires you to be in balance in all areas.  In order to maintain a healthy attitude and behavior pattern, you need to also take into account the environment in which you live, work and play.     Are you damaging your mind and physiology with negativity?  Our minds naturally focus on the bad and fearful thing of life and usually ignore the brighter side of life.  Just remember, you cannot have a positive or healthy life with negative thoughts continually being projected within your mental process.  With time, you will become sick, depleted and damaged.

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Joan Marie Whelan, dubbed Intuition Girl, has created an extraordinary lifestyle using her uncanning, insightful intuition abilities. Joan Marie is sought after across the world as a trusted advisor, coach, and lifestyle design expert. Her teachings have been called, "inspirational," "unbelievably insightful," "the ultimate guide," and rave reviews continue to come in. Joan Marie is truly enjoying her journey and the extraordinary lifestyle she's desired and deserved... The Joan Marie team believes in your abilities to create the extraordinary lifestyle you deserve. Do you believe?