Someone once asked me, “If you could have any superpower in the world what would it be?” After thinking about it for a second, I wanted to say, to heal emotional pain. I thought it would be great to take away that pit that twists and turns in your stomach at the loss of a loved one, or termination of a relationship. It’s that emotional pain that you can feel physically, and unlike a cut, bruise or break, it can last months. What would be better than healing that pain right away?

My mind wandered to all the heartbreaks I have had in the past. The sick feeling that makes you want to scream, hate the world and smoke Nat Sherman cigarettes, kept surfacing, but so did the Summer of 2007. I had received a heartbreak in March. Now that I look back about it, there was nothing special about her, but there was something special about that summer. Many people deal with the loss and pain in destructive ways; some become reckless, some overeat, some become suicidal, some turn into country music fans, others turn to drugs and alcohol.

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