Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese philosophy, upholds that health is the most important aspect in your life. Health is the center of your existence, and without health, your life could be absent of balance and harmony. The key focus of Feng Shui and health benefits are to tackle poor health problems. Improved health with Feng Shui will allow you to seek balance and harmony in every facet of life. While health is the center of life, in Feng Shui it is also believed to be the center of the home. All rooms of your home, including your bedroom, living room, and kitchen, are believed to have a health area, which is the center of the room.

There are a number of ways that you can utilize Feng Shui and health in your home to bring balance to your life. First, remember that yellow is the color of health. This color is a great choice for decoration accents, such as pillows and curtains. Another important Feng Shui tip to remember is that nine is the number most often attributed to the enhancement of life. Arranging items in groups of nine may aid your health. By combining the color yellow and the number nine in elements throughout the home, you may achieve health benefits associated with Feng Shui.

Utilizing these ideas of the color yellow and the number nine as having benefits for Feng Shui and health, you can come up with a number of ways to incorporate positive elements into your home. For example, add some yellow flowers to your home, preferably in the center of a room or in the center on top of a piece of furniture. The middle of the coffee table in the living room or the middle of your kitchen table are two ideal places. One place in incorporate the use of the number nine is with wind chimes. Strategically place a wind chime made of nine chimes in a room with open windows. This is an excellent way to encourage positive Feng Shui and health. The open windows will allow sunlight and fresh air to enter your home.

Getting rid of unnecessary items throughout your home will improve both Feng Shui and health. Feng Shui philosophy emphasizes to avoid clutter, which is believed to bring a negative influence to health. Clutter should be eliminated from all areas of the home, even closets, bathrooms, garages, and attics. Not only should clutter be absent, but all items throughout the house should be neatly arranged in a fashion that is appealing to the eyes and promotes positive perceptions. If you want to improve Feng Shui and health by removing clutter, begin slowly and tackle one room at a time to avoid frustration. This approach will minimize the stress of rearranging your home into a more positive environment, and when the job is finished, you will be on your way to an entire home life free of stress.

A room in your home that can be a focal point for Feng Shui and health is your bathroom. The bathroom is associated with an area of dead chi, which can be reduced by incorporating living things such as plants or crystals into the room. Using bright colors in the bathroom can also reduce the affects of dead chi. One thing to be aware of is the arrangement of your bathroom door in relation to your bedroom. If the door is directly across from the bedroom, be sure to keep the door shut as much as possible. By separating this room from the rest of your house, you can prevent bad chi. Other ways to separate rooms are to use curtains or screens.

For the best Feng Shui and health, you need to also be aware of leaking fixtures, such as facets, showerheads, and toilets. Although water is an important part of Feng Shui, it has negative connotations if the water is being wasted, such as with leaks. Be sure to fix any leaky pipes, and your home will be healthier and closer to the ideals of Feng Shui.

Once the physical elements of your home have been adjusted to promote better Feng Shui and health, you need to also pay attention to the mental elements. Positive thinking is essential to maintaining a healthy home. A good way to encourage positive thinking is to allow a pleasant aroma to fill the air, such as lavender. A mixture of lemon or lavender essential oil and spring water makes a good spray for misting throughout the home. As you spray an aroma, repeat to yourself a few simple words, such as a wish for health. With your positive thinking, you can also keep in mind good health for your friends and family, as well as any person that may enter your home. Following these simple Feng Shui tips, you may just find yourself feeling healthier and better than you ever have before.

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Candace Czarny “Award Winning” Interior Designer, Subtle Energy Expert and author of the best selling “20 Minute Feng Shui” is launching her newest work “The Master’s Secret Key” at www.TheMastersSecretKey.com/tmsk , a short work design to inspire the reader to self-empowerment.
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Candace Czarny is the president of Wind & Water, Inc. She has more than 30 years’ experience in interior and “Green” design, facilities and project management and Feng Shui.
Candace has practiced interior design since 1973 and received her Degree in Interior Design from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VA Tech) in 1977. She is a NCIDQ Certified Interior Designer and a Professional Member of ASID. She is a Certified Facility Manager (CFM) and a LEED AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional). She is responsible for the Design of the First “Gold” LEED Certified building in the State of Arizona. She has also received the Design in Excellence Award from the Arizona chapter of ASID and the Best of the Best Award in Sedona.
In addition to her scholastic studies, Candace apprenticed with Feng Shui Master and Shaman Cuneo for 5 years. Her studies consisted of field work and daily training in the oral tradition. Her training comes from a global perspective of esoteric sciences and incorporates: Landform and Black Sect Feng Shui, Hawaiian Huna, European Geomancy, Native American and South American Energy Sciences. She teaches practical, accurate, in-depth energy principles with creative and modern applications. Her clients have testified of dramatic results using Candace’s advice from romance to business.