Grabbing the best deal on a cheap African safari tour means doing a little homework particularly if you are a first time visitor to this mighty continent.

If you are visiting Africa for the first time, then taking an organized group tour is the ideal way to get your first taste of all it has to offer.

It will also save you a bundle in money and frustration!

Why Travel With A Group?

Unless you are a seasoned traveller to Africa, travelling with a group and having tour guides at your disposal means you'll avoid running foul of unforseen harm which could come your way if you travel alone.

Africa can be a volatile place, not just in the wilds of the jungles but politically so if you intend going back at a later date, then getting a feel for the landscape on tour can give you some great initial experience of the country.

Avoiding Peak Season

Planning your trip well in advance is suggested. If you are working on a strict budget, then a cheap African safari tour during the low season makes a lot of sense.

Yes, you'll more than likely need an umbrella but confining your trip to the wet season also means you'll get great discounts. Avoiding the crowds is another big benefit.

The wet seasons can be a little hard to judge but if you plan to travel outside the December-March and July-September periods you should generally be able to find yourself a good deal on a group trip.

Confining your trip to a designated place or country is also likely to help you cut down on the overall cost of your holiday.

Some countries may be a little more expensive than others. For example, Botswana, despite all it has to offer the visitor in the shape of flora and fauna attractions, could possibly leave your hip pocket a little light on by the time you're ready to head home.

On the other hand, Kenya can be a little more attractive for the price conscious visitor and may appeal more as a cheap African safari tour destination. In the end, it's up to you and where you'd prefer to travel.

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