hIoTron IoT solution,provides an End-To-End IoT training ( https://www.hiotron.com/iot-training/)with technologies that include Raspberry-PI which is hardware gateway.
Using that hIoTron presents an IoT project on how user can control light bulb which is connected to Raspberry-PI3 using Alexa.

Why to choose Raspberry-Pi for an IoT projects
It is important to choose an correct platform and devices for an IoT projects to build an application.

1.As we know that for an IoT Internet access is must whereas Raspberry-Pi can eliminate the complex interfacing like GSM/GPRS.
2.As Raspberry Pi comes with an Linux operating system it is fully functional.
3.Raspberry-Pi can run multiple programs at a time and is a multitasking.
4.It has an memory of 512 MB.
5.It also minimizes the need of large space like PC or processing large data information.

Raspberry-PI 3 is comes up with a improved speed and low energy with Bluetooth,WLAN which makes it used for an IoT Project.

Home Automation with Alexa using Raspberry-PI 3:

When we are unable to find an remote control for air conditioner or any other device,it will take time to search in our home.Rather than nowadays many voice
assistant are available like Alexa and Google Assistant which will helps us to do our work easy and fast.Stiil we need to find new home appliances which supports this voice assistants.
For such HOME Appliances hIoTron had developed an project with Raspberry-Pi using Alexa voice assistant.

Amazon Echo works on voice commands given by user,it also take reminders and can control the appliances in our home .In addition to that Raspberry-PI 3.specifically provides an high speed and Wireless communication.It's Wireless LAN and Bluetooth makes it used for IoT projects.If we integrate this both devices together then we can easily turn on and off the lights.

Check Out Demo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXRVp25_wLw.

For more information,visit: https://www.hiotron.com/iot-training/

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