Many business people, specifically those just starting out that previously worked out of a “bricks & mortar location are nervous about letting clients find out they wok from a home office. First they don’t know what to say when someone requests a meeting at their office and then there is always the fear the client will think they are “small potatoes” because I don’t have an office building.

How do you address these challenges?

I was a manufacturer’s rep for over 20 years and operated out of a home office when I was not travelling. First I will suggest that many home offices, mine included are better equipped than any of the cubby holes and “pods” I have seen people stuck in when working for large corporations. The second point is to not call it a home office just call it your office.

The perception is often more your problem than your clients concern. Here are some quick ideas and answers:

Remember This:

• There are multi-million dollar companies operating out of home offices
• You are doing your part to protect the environment by not commuting
• You can help more customers by not commuting –you can get 2-3 extra productive hours that your not wasting on travel.
• You are happier & more productive person who is better able to help clients with their problems & challenges
• Many successful business started in college dorms, basements & garages - DELL, MICROSOFT, FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, & B2B Sales Connections to name a few

Possible Answers/Suggestions:

• Lets meet at a Coffee Shop and we can both get away from the distractions of our offices and then we can really focus on our project
• I am a member of the local chamber of commerce and would like to meet you in our boardroom at that location. (very inexpensive)
• I will be in your area __________________ I would be happy to meet you at your office to save you the commute here and back.

Here’s a suggestion, find a local restaurant or coffee shop run by someone who will appreciate the business and invite your clients to meet you there. You will begin a relationship with the owner and help a local business person grow.


Robert J. Weese
B2B Sales Connections Inc.

Author's Bio: 

Robert J. Weese is managing partner of B2B Sales Connections, the specialized job board, free resume listing service, and sales training website for business to business sales professionals. He has a proven track record of success, with over 29 years of direct sales, management and executive level business to business experience. Before co-founding B2B Sales Connections, Robert gained marketing, sales and general management experience in the business technology and office equipment industries. He also has experience in broadcast advertising and journalism. For more information, please visit