I have a passion and that is hope! Hope is an expectation of something desired and the thing that gives or object of this feeling. Since 911, hope has been much in demand but low on supply because, that which one placed their hope in prior to 911 has disappointed them. Some of these things include people and our religion and, so, we are wondering around in the wilderness of confusion needing to know who to trust and we are unable to find anyone or anything worthy of that trust. When one finds something or someone in which to place their trust, they have hope for they know that what they promise will come to pass. For example, it is an election year and, the candidates are making alot of promises but, which one can we really trust and can bring us real hope? We will not know until they are elected and have the opportunity to fulfill those promises. It is the same in relationships whereas, at the altar, two people make promises that they intend to keep in the relationship but, it is not until they get into the relationship that one's word is truly found to be true. Many marry one person who is kind and loving and, then, they begin to verbally, physically and sexually abuse them and, they feel betrayed and lose their hope. Many go into hospitals and place their trust in physicians hoping for a favorable outcome and, when this does not happen, one feels betrayed. So, in a world of so much fear and mistrust, where can hope truly be found? It is found in the truth, the life, and the way which is Jesus Christ who never lies, never fails, and never leaves us nor forsakes us. He is not a religion, philosophy, or tradition but a Living Spirit who resides within us and speaks to us and helps us to live in truth, shows us the way to live and how to have abundant life. He rebuilds our faith, restores our confidence and renews our hope so we can grow through trauma and overcome fear. It is when this happens that we truly find hope. He was elected by God to be our Savior and He kept all of His promises and fulfilled all of our expectations and, is worthy of our trust! He is real hope!

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My name is Biancia Tate and, I have an Associates Degree in Human Services and a Bachelors Degree in Social Work as well as a Masters Degree in Biblical Counseling. I am also a Certified Trauma Services Specialist and a trauma survivor. I have witnessed domestic violence in my home, was bullied by my peers throughout school and I graduated from college two points away from being a scholar. I have been married for 15 years to my husband John who is a traumatic brain injury survivor which introduced me to the world of ambigious loss and taught me what a crisis of faith is all about. I also learned how to perservere and, I eventually found a way to live again! God and I reconciled our relationship and worked out our differences and birthed the Hope Network which provides educational support, hope and healing to survivors of trauma and/or crisis. We birthed ministries that are not in the church for people whose unhealed wounds and unmet needs are not being met in the church! I am now a Christian Life Coach and a Hope Bearer and my message is, when it looks like it is all over, it is just beginning.