While thinking about direct mail, you might be thinking of big, colorful postcards from the local advertisement company – all ending up at the same place... the trash. Digital Mail or Video Mailers are the next big thing in the field of marketing.

The digital age is totally upon us and consumers and business owners are being hit left and right with emails, ads, and pop-ups that they have to dodge on a constant basis. So, without these distractions how do you try to reach them and provide impactful digital or video content? We go back to the basics and use direct mail again. 

Statistics tell an interesting story – it is found that 50% of customers prefer direct mail over email, and up to 80 percent say they open most direct mail – even if they consider it junk. And if we include a video into that direct mail piece, it becomes more attractive. We all know that almost all companies and marketers rely heavily on email, it feels so amazing to see some eye-catching mail in front of you especially when they rise to the world of the digital content. But the question is how does it work? An actual video screen is placed within a direct mail piece to actively connect with the recipient. InstaVizion allows you to create unique mailers complete with all in one print, audio, and video.

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