Talking on the brain
It has been found out by research that the brain has a very strange technique to grasp and learn new things. It is a muscular mess created and built up by billions of neurons, and that causes the brain to adjust the ratio of neurons to the total number of existing neurons. The brain on its own process kills some of the neurons and hence facilitates to give rise to a new set of neurons. These new neurons thus formed, has to do almost everything with the learning of a new language, as Portuguese. Inside the brain, very incredible occurrences are always taking place.
In addition, the most interesting of them is when a person learns Portuguese. This causes a series of alterations of the nerve cells and hence changing the total pattern of the brain structure. Whenever we learn a new thing, due to complete decoding of the information the brain cannot use the existing learning pattern.

Inside the brain
This is the primary cause of why learning a new foreign language is difficult when not learnt in a proper technique. We, as a human being, earlier belonged to a special type of species of monkeys called Rhesus Monkeys. Passing electric synapses through the brain prove that the brain of these monkeys behave in the exact manner that our own brain does.
In learning a new language after the age of fifteen, for example, Cérebro means Brain in Portuguese, takes time for the brain to associate an image of the brain to that Portuguese word. After the learner understands this word is just a substitute word in a completely different manner, brain creates a new process to decode the meaning of that word and develops a specific space to store the word. Enrolling in the Portuguese language course in Kolkata can help in the learning process impressively.

Portuguese drives the brain healthy!
Many scientists believe a new stack of nerve cells create a process of framing the information inside the mind. It is a direct result of the transfusion and merging of the different brain cells with the newly advanced cells. Imaging of the brain has shown that the total structure of the brain changes when a new language is being learnt.
There is also a process called synaptic pruning, a very specialized technique that the brain uses to create a specific process of image retention while associating that to the existing information. It is much similar to installing new software on the computer so that the computer can run fast enough. The benefits of being bilingual are many. Such as:-
• The reduction in the chances of getting amnesia or Senile Dementia (also called Alzheimer’s disease) gets drastically reduced.
• Learners get an easy way to combat depression and hence remain active.
• And we all know chances of getting hired in big corporates increases manifold.

Learning only will not help, but mastering several techniques to understand Portuguese can improve language skills. Taking up admission in the Portuguese language course in Kolkata can help much, offering various techniques.

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Laxmon Gope has been an expert in teaching and practicing Portuguese with some of the unparalleled methods for years. He still conducts workshops and is active, making successful linguists internationally.