Has your expensive couch fabric got dirty with vomit and the stubborn stingy smell doesn’t go away? This case happens mostly in the house of newborn babies since the babies are likely to puke more than the adults because of indigestion. And generally, the vomit of the human contains more bacteria, which cause further infection to the mankind. So it is necessary to clean the vomit as soon as possible to stay disease free. We can’t throw away our favourite couch since it is quite expensive.

Here are some simple and effective tips to clean the vomit on the couch.

• The vomit usually gets stagnant in the fabrics and the semi-solid substance. After getting dry, it forms into patches.

• So initially the excess vomit sticking to the fabrics have to be removed. You can use either a spoon or a knife to take off the excess substance.

• Rinse it in water, so that the vomit which got patched will again turn into liquid form and will easily come out.
• Usage of hot water is still safer. Since the bacteria cannot withstand the extreme heat condition.

• Use detergent or soap to wash the stains, normally vomit of stains will disappear with this method.
• Apply some antiseptic solution on the couch to chase the excess bacteria in the clothes.

• Dry the couch.Since some bacteria and fungus are likely to stay on the couch even after the wash.

• Drying the couch in the hot sun will kill the bacteria and the fungus

• Sometimes fabrics colour fades because of giving pressure at one particular place. And that place would hence appear to be dull.

• The usage of some oxidants to couch will help the fabrics to get back its colour and prevents it from getting faded.

• In most cases, vomit stains may leave the cloth but the stinky smell of the vomit seems to stay in the fabrics even after continuous washing.

• Treating the couch with vinegar spray may help the cloth to lose the smell of the vomit and turn to normal again.

• Treating the couch fabric with some baking soda will also chase the vomit smell away. Do gentle brushing or scrubbing of the particular area with baking soda.

• Vacuuming a couch will pull all the bacteria into a pump and makes the cloth safer for the further usage, mostly to the new-born.

Removing vomit from the couch is not a big deal but requires efforts. Since it doesn’t have dye substance to stick in the fabrics, it is easier to clean.But the actual problem comes with the smell. The pungent smell of the vomit does not leave the cloth so easily. This may affect the babies’ health too. So special care has to be taken to remove the smell, since sometimes it may damage the fabric or discolour the colour of the cloth. Try the above methods to clean vomit from your fabric couch. But in case you are still unsuccessful in getting rid of the smell or stain, you can always seek professional help.

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Removing vomit can be one of the dirtiest tasks. The chances are that you yourself can fall sick or have the urge to vomit while doing so. It has an unpleasant smell and contains bacteria and germs than can affect you badly. Sometimes even if we try our best, the odor still remains. The problem reaches a peak if it’s on our mattresses, carpets or upholsteries. We spend a considerable amount of time on these things. These places come directly in contact with our body. Hence, bacteria can easily get move to our body. This can cause an embarrassment in front of guests too. Hence, proper cleaning is the need of the hour to avoid such problems?

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