How Do I Save My Marriage Due To Debt: How To Manage Finances In A Marriage

Apart from a cheating partner, one of the main problems causing a marriage to reach its doom is due primarily to debt and financial mismanagement. A spark of argument sprouts from this issue thus, some financial planning is necessary to avoid the sight of divorce.

If you will be asking the question, "How do I save my marriage due to debt?" answers do not come in a flash as you would need to follow a certain scheme that will save your family's finances and the marriage as well.

Then: To keep up with all the fads and latest craze

For a newly couple, splurging for things are somewhat acceptable since you are just enjoying the time of your lives as newly weds. However, the problem comes when this harmless obsession gets in the way of marriage. For old married couples there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to finances and money matters. And this should be an utmost consideration when you become a family man/woman.

Now: To implement the flow of finances and eliminate too much splurging
You have to realize that you no longer are the chic and the guy next door who can get everything you want. You are now a wife and a husband who has responsibilities to attend to and obligations to secure. How do I save my marriage due to debt? Control your finances; know what comes in and what goes out. You can also list down your daily expenditures and see what needs to be minimize and what needs to maintain.

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Then: To invest on unnecessary things

How do I save my marriage due to debt, this would need some careful deliberation. Perhaps you have been too complacent that money will not be a problem to your marriage and you find it a reason not to invest on things that will help the marriage and your family move up to a higher level. And you have been drowned to debt with all your credit card companies enjoying over the limit fees and delayed payments, where can you possibly find answers to saving your marriage?

Now: To make the right investment for the family

How do I save my marriage due to debt, this will no longer be a question once you are able to bring the family's finances to the right investments. You can invest on owning a house and lot or your own car maybe. Therefore, instead of spending so much time in squandering your money and credit cards and putting yourself to debt, might as well invest your money to something you know will improve your financial wealth and save your marriage.

Then: Never leave any stones unturned until your wallet says, "no more!"

You can just plainly say that you are an impulsive buyer and buy everything you want until you do not have money left for the next day's bread.

Now: Save, Save, Save

How do I save my marriage due to debt? The answer is simple, Save. Let your spouse realize how serious you are to saving money for the family and your relationship will surely reach seventh heaven.

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Marriage is not always a bed of roses, problems may arise anytime and you have to be prepared. Disagreements or conflicts are part of any marriage but this doesn't mean that the marriage has to end. Knowing how to solve marital conflicts will prevent serious problems in your marriage like divorce and separation.

There are different ways and approach to solve marital conflicts but the most important thing is to find a solution that will work for your situation. Here are some tips:

Remember that you are arguing with your spouse and not with an enemy. It is not always bad to argue because this is the time to air your feelings but keep yourself reminded that you are arguing with the person you love, be careful not to hurt your spouse. It is so easy to say bad words but it will be hard to take it back and erase everything you said. The conflicts can be settled in a clean argument without attacking your spouse with bad words and irrational accusations.

Use the word "I" often instead of the word "you." It is better to say "I am disappointed and I feel neglected" than saying "You disappointed me or you neglected me." If you avoid accusing your spouse and prefer a positive way to deal with the problems, it will be easier to solve marital conflicts without resulting to another argument.

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Control your anger. This is easier said than done, but it is not impossible to control your emotions. Do not let your anger control you. Nothing good will come out if your actions are dictated by your anger. Let it pass for a while and think things over before talking to your spouse about the conflicts and issues. Being angry is not a good start if you want to solve marital conflicts.

Compromise. To solve marital conflicts, you have to find a common ground to compromise. You have to meet in the middle and make an agreement about the issues that you both are trying to resolve. If one is not willing to compromise, then the problem will not be resolved.

Admit when you are wrong. To some people admitting their mistakes is very hard, but there is nothing wrong in admitting you are wrong if this gesture will end your disputes. It will benefit your relationship and it will help you to solve marital conflicts if you are mature enough to admit your mistakes.

Gifts. Yes, this is another way to solve marital conflicts. Giving your spouse gifts or peace offering will make the stressful situation a little lighter. This will soften his or her heart and will give you the chance to talk, make up and settle your differences in a nice way.

Forgive and forget. Accept that your spouse have weaknesses too. You have to learn to accept your spouse together with his or her flaws. Learning to forgive and forget his or her mistakes will make your marriage stronger.

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Repairing a marriage in trouble can feel like a daunting task. When the dynamic between you and your spouse changes and you fear that you're headed towards divorce, the action that you take has to be swift and effective. There's quite a lot that you can do either on your own or with your spouse to rebuild the relationship so it's stronger and more loving than ever. With some determination, understanding and patience, you can have the marriage you've always wanted with the person you love most in the world.

One of the very first steps towards repairing a marriage in trouble is analyzing the current state of communication between you and your spouse. Do you feel comfortable talking to your partner about what you're feeling or is it something you tend to shy away from? Do you believe that your spouse feels they can tell you anything or have you shown disapproval, sadness or disappointment in the past when you two have talked about shared feelings? It's important in a marriage to ensure that your spouse feels that they can safely share anything with you. Unless you each understand what the other is feeling, resentment will continue to build until the relationship begins to fall apart.

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You've also got to take stock of any ongoing conflicts that you two are facing. Quite often one partner is completely oblivious to the fact that there's a problem in the marriage. You two may have had a quarrel and your spouse still feels as though it's unresolved. If that's the case, the marriage is going to continue to be on shaky ground until the problem is solved. Marriage is all about commitment and compromise and sometimes you'll have to be the one who gives in on their position. It's wise to not allow your pride to get in the way of creating a loving, understanding connection with your spouse. If you have to let them win this disagreement, do it if it's going to keep your family together.

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A good amount of the correspondence that I get comes from wives who are not sure how to deal with a husband who has initiated a separation after a mid life crisis.

Understandably, it can be a big challenge to deal with or try to reason with these husbands because they are going through a phase where they seem to reject most things in their past live and are determined to do things differently moving forward. Many of these wives fantasize about a time when he will finally come to his senses and the mid life crisis will end so that they can reconcile.

But when this day finally comes, the resolution isn't always as easy as was hoped. The wife can have serious doubts that the husband's desire for a reconciliation is actually genuine. After all, it was only a little while ago that he felt his wife and his marriage were no longer what he wanted. In fact, he didn't want this stability and obligation. He wanted to be free and live a more exciting life.

A wife might say: "I want to be clear that I am so relieved that my husband's mid life crisis appears to be over. I have been living in hell for the past several months. One day, my husband woke up and said that he could not live another day in drudgery. His new mantra seemed to be that 'life is short' and so he only wanted to live a carefree lifestyle doing only what appealed to him. His outlook was if it's not fun and selfish, then I'm not going to do it. Because of this, he told me that he wanted to separate and focus on himself for a while. He bought a new car, moved into the city center, and quit his job. He now only takes on work that he wants to do. He did make an effort to see our kids, but he cut his ties to me. Recently, he called me crying and he said that he made a huge mistake. He said that he feels lonely instead of free. He asked if I had it in my heart to see him some. We have met several times and he does appear to have genuine remorse. He does appear to be his old self. The other day, he asked me if I would one day consideration a reconciliation. This is what I've wanted for a long time, but when I actually think about this, I have some hesitations. I know my husband probably saw other women while we were separated. So I find it hard to believe that he suddenly wants to go back to the life he called boring when it appears he had a life that was much more suitable to him. And I am afraid that shortly after we reconcile, he's going to be unhappy again. I also worry that I will be overly accommodating because of my fear."

This wife's comments echoes what I hear from many. This reversal can be very difficult to wrap your head around. One minute he's rejecting you and everything you represent and the next minute he's telling you that he wants it all back. Of course you have your doubts.

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But, I can tell you that many men who have mid life crises come out of it. Think about how many men you know who have gone through this. Now, think about how many of them are still going through it five years later. Not many, right? They tend to have a very dramatic change and then many of them come to realize that they acted too radically. Many of them see that the "new" life isn't as gratifying as they had hoped. It is not uncommon for them to realize that they have made a mistake.

From what I observe (and I am no expert, to be sure) it appears to me that the doubts and insecurities cause more problems when a reconciliation is attempted than the mid life crisis itself, especially when it is the husband who initiated or wanted the reconciliation.

Think about it this way. Why would he tell you that he wanted his old life back if he doesn't? Why would he lie when he has the life he thought he wanted? There would be no incentive for him to lie. If he really wanted the new, carefree lifestyle, all he would have to do would be to keep living it.

Assuming he's telling the truth and wants the marriage back, then it makes sense to ask yourself if this is what you want also. If it is, then the next step would be to try to manage your fears and doubts. They are normal and we all experience them. But you don't want to let them take away what you truly want.

I think it helps to ask yourself if your husband had any legitimate complaints before things deteriorated. If he did, fix them. There are ways to make your marriage and your life a little more exciting without going over the top. Honestly, these sort of changes can benefit both people. Finally, I see a lot of people try to change who they really are because of this. They feel that they have to overcompensate and turn into an adventurous risk taker just to make their husband happy.

Not only will this not feel genuine, but often, your husband is telling you that this isn't really what he wants. He's already tried that and determined that he prefers the stability of a loving and long term relationship, so there's often little to gain be pretending to be what you're not. Plus, in doing so, you're giving away a bit of yourself, which has no benefit either.

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