One common statement which many in QLD use regularly is – it is a diesel engine, and so the issue shouldn’t take much longer to diagnose it. Well, the only thing is right about that phrase is the fact that it’s a diesel engine configuration. Undeniably, it’s a fact that some issues can be fixed without breaking a sweat. But then again there are some others which make you pour buckets and still not be able to decipher ‘what the heck just happened with it?’

Take the example of diesel injectors for that matter. Just like everything else, it too becomes worm out over a length of time and loses its ability to function as well as it used to. Now the crucial question here is when they should opt for diesel Injectors in QLD? Here are some symptoms which prove that it’s time to bring home a brand new injector.

Symptom 1 – If the Injector Has an External Crack:

In words of a diesel mechanic in Wollongong, if the diesel injector has an external crack, and for that its body is leaking, then, it should be replaced immediately. This is a big fire hazard and most occasions cannot be fixed.

diesel mechanic in Wollongong

Other issues which they could potentially face are:

  • Fuel consumption increases drastically
  • The smell of fuel spreads within as well as all over the vehicle
  • Starting becomes harder by the day
  • Fuel emissions will become substandard

In addition to all these, injector leaks can also cause:

  • Hydro locks which could cause catastrophic engine breakdowns
  • Oil thinning is also feasible, and that could lead to the cause of engine failure even fire.

So, this is one symptom where one needs to change their existing injector with a new one.

Symptom 2 – Injectors which are clogged

This is again a situation where diagnosing the issue is tough. Plus there is little guarantee whether the issue will not reappear again. The situation is pretty much similar to a bad coil or a totalled spark plug. There are heaps of issues which car owners would have to face with a clogged injection. Take a proper look.

  • Issues with the startup
  • Drop in performance and failure in emissions
  • Engine faces difficulty as full RPM is not reached
  • Consumption of fuel increases considerably
  • Engine functionality roughens up
  • Denotation or Engine Knock can potentially lead to dangerous engine failure
  • Smoke appearing from exhaust, surging and bucking from vivid throttle loads can take place too

The safer way to go about things would be to opt for a new injector and not even give a thought of fixing it.

Symptom 3 – Ill-Conditioned Diesel Injectors

If the injector is Ill-conditioned and by that, it means it has:

  • A substandard coil or a kaput pintle or disc ball
  • Or if it has a cracked return spring or bad rusting

These injectors cannot be saved, no matter how much a mechanic tries. So the best option again would be changing it with a new one.

If any of these symptoms are noticeable with the existing diesel injector, then don’t wait. Find a good online dealership and buy a new one.

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The author has lots of knowledge in Diesel Injectors in QLD and also knows a fair deal about a reliable diesel mechanic in Wollongong.