Let’s dive in with how leaders can get more out of inclusive teams!

-> Evaluate The Team: Inclusive leaders must take the time to assess their teams. What business outcomes have we been generating? What strengths can we leverage? What challenges do we need to address? Are people clamoring to come on board or are they abandoning ship?

-> Find Individual Strengths: Who are our thought leaders? Who thinks quickly on their feet? Who are our problem solvers? As an inclusive leader, you need to answer these questions.

-> Leverage Team Diversity: The inclusive business leader sees diversity as a strength to be leveraged. Whether driving innovation, attracting the best talent, or capturing a new market, teams and organizations that leverage diversity outperform their counterparts.

-> Tailor Leadership Approach: A “one size fits all” approach to business leadership is, quite simply, inadequate in today’s diverse workplace and marketplace. The best leaders get to know their players well enough to know how to get the best out of them.

-> Position Teammates Strategically: In business, we need to position our teammates strategically. Are you putting your people in a position to win? Because that’s something inclusive leaders do.

-> Monitor and Manage Cultural Norms: What are the cultural norms for your team & your organization? Are you aware of them? Are your team members aware of them? More importantly, have those norms been put in place consciously and intentionally? Inclusive leaders create inclusive cultures. “Do your job!” defines a culture that fosters high performance and accountability. Does your organizational culture do the same.

-> Increase Cultural Competence: One of the beauties of diverse & inclusive teams is that they often bring together individuals of diverse backgrounds and varied experiences, compelling them to work together in pursuit of a common goal.

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