Carpets are common and are found in almost every household. But carpets are also very common in commercial areas too. Moreover, carpets in commercial places tend to get dirtier much faster and the chances of it having allergens, germs, etc are also high. There are several reasons for that, and several factors that affect the cost of cleaning carpet in commercial places. We have prepared a guide to help you understand more about carpet cleaning costs in commercial places.

Carpet Cleaning Prices

The price of carpet cleaning in commercial areas is affected by various factors. The factors can be quality of services, size of the carpet, the process of cleaning, and so on. However, to make things easier we have classified the carpet cleaning in three ranges which includes all factors too.

Low Range Carpet Cleaning

The low range of carpet cleaning is basic and cheapest. The reason for these services to be cheaper can be that the size of the carpet is way smaller or the number of carpets is less. Moreover, the carpet can be new and is not used much. Thus the price is lower. The price for this category can start from 0.15$ per square meter to 0.20$ per square meter depending on various factors.

Medium Range

The reason for this carpet to be in the medium range can vary from the size to the services. This can also include stains and spots that are not too tough to remove. You can expect the cost of this category to vary from 0.25$ per square meter to 0.30$ sq per square meter.

High Range

The high range will include places with a large carpet or the number of carpets is very much. They are also in the worst condition and are severely beaten, dirty, solid, and have the toughest stains. The amount of time and effort makes this type of carpet in a high range. This category will have prices ranging from 0.25$ per square meter to 0.35$ per square meter.

Some Reasons that Affects Carpet Cleaning Cost Can Include The Following:

  • Moving or removal of furniture while cleaning
  • If you require furniture cleaning too
  • The carpets are heavily soiled
  • If the carpet is damaged by water

Here are cleaning process that is usually used in cleaning which affects the cost:

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

This is used for carpets that are not dirty or new, a cleaning agent is sprayed, and then with the use of equipment, the surface dirt is absorbed.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

It is the best cleaning method and is performed mostly. The fabric of carpets like wool and cotton is costly as it is harder to clean them. A furnished home can cost you up to 33$ to 49$ per room.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Best for carpets that have no tolerance for water. This is a faster and less expensive method and is also effective. Price ranges from 50$ to 54$ per room.

Why Hire The Best Carpet Cleaning?

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