We are far from a world where robots will be in every shop and store, but they are gradually replacing humans.

A large number of people believe that robots are bad for the environment and humans. However, some also support technological advancements and believe that they are making the world a safer place.

No matter what side you are on, it’s important to know about the difference robots are making to the world.

Let’s have a look:
#1 They Are Helping Save Lives in the Hospital
Robots are being heavily used in the field of medicine. Some experts believe that they can be helpful in bridging the gap between doctors and patients as today's robots are able to perform some very complex procedures with precision.

However, since such robots are still not available on a large scale and are also very expensive, they are not yet that popular. For now, you will find a number of robots playing different roles in the medical field including surgical assistants, medical transportation, sanitation and disinfection, and prescription dispensing.

Some people believe that robots can be used to provide care in war-torn areas where it is difficult for humans to reach.

#2 They Are Working on Construction Sites
Not many people know but drones are a form of robots. They are used in different industries these days including the construction industry where aerial videography and photography are used to not only take pictures to understand situations but also to deliver items from one corner to another.

According to reports, about 5,190 construction workers are fatally injured every year. Experts believe that these injuries can be prevented by using robots to perform jobs that are risky or dangerous.

Thanks to robots, the construction industry is becoming safer and more people are now willing to join it.

#3 They Are Being Used to Find Victims After Natural Disasters
Natural disasters like storms, earthquakes can leave people devastated. A lot of people are often buried under the rubble, unable to come out. Back in the day, we had no option but to use dogs and walk over the rubble to find victims. The process wasn’t only slow but it was also very dangerous. Hence, the death toll was always high.

However, now drones are being used for this purpose. They can be fitted with high-quality cameras that can help identify humans so they can be saved.

Moreover, they are also being used to find people who get lost in the jungle or rivers. It may not be feasible for a team of rescuers to travel to find a victim. A drone, however, can move at a fast pace and find victims quickly and easily.

#4 They Are Driving Cars Making Roads Safer
The opinion on driverless cars appears to be divided. Tesla and other companies are working on making ‘em common but it may take a few years for self-driving cars to hit the road. However, when that happens we will have much safer roads as driverless cars are said to be more efficient when it comes to saving lives.

They can detect dangers, making ‘em safer for not only the driver and passengers but also for pedestrians and other vehicles on the road.

#5 They Are Making Food
Many of us already own an automatic coffee maker, but now the robot coffee maker is not a fantasy anymore. These small devices make it possible to enjoy piping hot coffee safely. However, robots are now getting bigger and smarter. They are able to make complete meals, removing the risks associated with cooking.

It is reported that over 100,000 people are injured in a kitchen every year. Some of these injuries are minor such as cuts while cutting vegetables but some can be major including burns.

By using robots in the kitchen, they can reduce the risk and safely enjoy our meals.

It is obvious that robots are making the world a safer place. If you can afford one, then consider getting one.

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