Concentrates are concentrated forms of cannabis made by extracting tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinoids (CBD) from marijuana plants. This is done using a variety of methods; the three most common are butane, ethanol and CO2 fluids. After extraction, the extracted material is made into concentrates like edibles, tinctures, cannabis oils, oral sprays and dabs. Concentrates are very strong, containing up to 95 percent THC. Below are some ways to enjoy THC concentrates.

Smoking – Smoking still is the most popular way to consume cannabis and concentrates. Most people combine hash with a blunt and light it up. Another way to smoke concentrates is to mix it with herbs and smoke it from a pipe.

Dabbing – Dabbing is when concentrates is smoked without any mix of herbs. Dabs are very concentrated cannabis, containing anywhere between 50 and 95 percent THC. They can be smoked out of a bong or by using a vaporizer. The latter offers an easy and discreet way to consume concentrates.

Cannabis Oil – Sticky and highly concentrated, cannabis oil is a resin taken usually orally. It can be consumed through capsules, edibles or syringes. Cannabis oils are mostly used by people combating cancer or are suffering from severe pain. They are recommended to consume one gram of cannabis oil daily for 90 days.

Oral Spray – Oral sprays offer a very convenient method of consuming cannabis oil concentrates. Coming in small spray bottles, it is simply sprayed under your tongue to get quick relief. Concentrate sprays are available in different flavors, so users have a wide range to choose from.

Tinctures – Tinctures are liquid cannabis concentrates that are made using apple cider vinegar or alcohol to extract CBD and THC. They come in little bottles with a dropper and are consumed by putting a drop under the tongue, or mixed with food and beverages to be slowly absorbed by the system.

Edibles – Eating edibles is one of the most popular methods for consuming concentrates; it is also considered one of the safest. They are available in different doses but are more potent than smoking and are known to last longer. Edibles can be added to brownies, cookies, syrups, candy, chocolates and drinks.

When trying cannabis concentrates for the first time, do so with caution. Whatever method you choose to ingest it, always start with the smallest dose possible and wait a while for its effects before you take in more. Remember that concentrates are very potent and taking too much too fast can lead to unpleasant side effects that can last for a while.

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