Believe it or not some small scale accounting practitioners are trusted advisors who work for SMEs. During this pandemic, SMEs are increasingly in need for guidance to sail through the storm. That’s why small accounting practitioners are here to offer all the help struggling SMEs require so that they can smoothly navigate through such difficult moments. Some of the expert recommendations designed for Small accountants to entirely support SME clients in such trying times have been mentioned in the following lines: 

Getting familiar with all necessary aids provided by the Government

Accountants must have general knowledge about the financial aids provided nationwide across EU. For best results it is expected of every accounting body across EU to hold knowledge about available aids. Furthermore these accounting bodies should get familiar with the best practices implemented across England and other parts of EU. 

What are the available aids applicable for a client’s situation? 

A good small scale accountant will firstly identify the high risk areas a client may face. Furthermore their job is to find out what all possible public support systems can benefit their clients. These professionals generally help SME clients with the following: 

  • Advise on business strategies and accounting areas which will leverage a client. Additionally, they are responsible for guiding clients all through the process till the claims are made available to them. 
  • Determining different prospective options for diversifying businesses 
  • Accessing various emergency financing provisions offered by the Government 
  • Re-negotiating the fee or payment schedules 

Helping businesses with immediate survival strategies 

Another major reason why a small scale Bookkeeping Service in Reading is vital for SME owners is because the former has the capability to help their clients seek immediate measures which can bring about a major difference in business flow. When it comes to survival, the small accountants are just the professionals an SME needs in order to get through a major crisis. Generally, small business accountants offer clients instant survival strategies which are as discussed below: 

  • Accessing reliefs that are available on an urgent basis to mark a maximised impact on business flow. 
  • Studying cash flow and adjusting them based on forecasts so that the impact can be reduced. In course of tactical approach, small Accountants in Reading will use their ability to forecast the kind of impact a business will face when paying off suppliers or resolving debts. 
  • Considering a suitable business model is yet another way of helping SMEs survive odds. The business accountant will study the current business model and will further try in determining whether such model is effectual in accommodating alternative trading approach. 
  • Assessing supply chain landscape and accordingly planning supply of goods or services so that the business doesn’t get disrupted in a critical scenario. A competent small scale accountant will seek strategies which will involve cutting back on production at least for certain parts and re-considering various suppliers as well as clients who have been heavily influenced by the pandemic. 
  • Informing staff about possibilities of pay-cuts 
  • Finding out if the SME is eligible for receiving claims upon financial loss. 

Now these are some of the viable ways, small scale accountants help SMEs. 

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the author runs a Bookkeeping Service in Reading. Through some blogs the author wants to reflect on few fundamental aspects on how accountants help businesses nowadays.