How To Be Happy In An Unhappy Marriage: Why Should Unhappy Spouses Stay Married

If marriage was a bed of roses, even the roses need to be kept! If you're committed to your marriage and you're looking for easy to implement tips on how to keep your marriage happy, then most certainly need to consider the following:

1. Learn to express your displeasure without being disagreeable.

Being a happy couple does not mean you will always get along. Whenever you find you find yourself displeased with your spouse, find time to discuss issues if you feel they are that important. Couples who find a mature way to let out their anger and frustrations are usually much happier and healthier. Never bury your anger. If you do, in time you'll come to resent your spouse.

2. Never forget the little things.

When your marriage first started, chances are you both were always more mindful of those little things that tell your spouse you're thinking about them. Bring her flowers and leave her love notes the way you used to. Ladies, buy your man a little gift, something to say you're thinking of him. If your marriage is well underway, by now you know that little thing that will brighten your partner's day so go ahead and do it. To start with, a kind and encouraging word will go a long way.

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3. Make out time to go on exciting dates.

Whoever said that marriage should mark the end of dating. Spice up your marriage by finding time to go on exciting dates just the way you did before you got married. It will always refresh your marriage and help to keep the romance going.

4. Avoid bringing up past mistakes.

There's nothing that hurts more than digging up old offenses. Discussing present issue should never be a reason for reference to something that happened five years down the line. If more than anything else, it shows lack of forgiveness and leaves your spouse feeling deflated.

5. Never disrespect your spouse in front of friends or family.

For whatever reason, you don't want to put your spouse down in front of people whose admiration he or she values because it brings resentment. On the contrary, make it a point of duty to say something nice and complimentary about your spouse whenever you're in company of friends or family. That way, they will think highly of your spouse and he or she will love you in turn for it.

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One of the absolute worst problems for today's marriages is money. Money causes a lot of stress, even when you're not married. Top it off with job losses, kids, trying to hang on to your house and car, pay the bills, and keep food on the table, and you find yourself in a nightmare you just can't wake up from.

Besides money, our lifestyles are ruining our marriages. More and more, it requires that both partners have to work. If you have children, there are school functions, sports, outings, etc. So, where is the time you need for alone time with your spouse?

The natural human instinct is to get out of any situation that makes us feel bad. We want to avoid any unpleasant situation that life throws our way. In a marriage, you simply cannot do this! You HAVE to face your problems, and you HAVE to deal with them! If you don't, then your marriage has no chance of surviving.

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When you want to learn how to save your marriage, you have to make time and openly discuss everything with your spouse. This isn't easy, but once you make yourself do it, and keep doing it, it DOES get easier. The couples that stay married are the ones who keep the line of communication open. They take the time to talk to each other.

Talk to your spouse. Find out what is going on in their mind. Maybe you will see a problem at a different angle, and can successfully fix it. Maybe your partner has no idea that something is bothering you. Maybe there is something troubling your spouse that they aren't saying, and you have no idea what is wrong.

Maybe, maybe, maybe.

You simply CANNOT know anything unless you talk! Once you break this barrier, you will find that dealing with marital issues becomes much easier. You will also discover that you develop a new, stronger bond between the two of you that just wasn't there before. This is the bond that is going to let your marriage shine. This is what you need for your marriage to survive.

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I know that the title sounds unbelievable. I know it because I have lived it to the point that I just couldn't find it in me to continue living. But no - it is very possible to win your husband back, no matter how bad things are right now. I have done it and my situation was completely hopeless. So now I want you to stop thinking negatively, because we are going to need your calm mind and thoughts to make your win your husband back and rebuild your marriage.

My own situation seemed completely hopeless. I wanted to win my husband back but whatever I did, I pushed him further away. I tried everything I could think of - but I felt that those efforts only made him more irritated with me. I could see it in his eyes that he was completely fed up with the relationship and the marriage for which I could have given my life was about to collapse.

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So, how to win your husband back from such a situation?

The answer lies in - yes, you guessed! - psychology. There is a simple rule that governs most human relationships and desires: "You want what you can't get". And this is the reason why nearly all marriages are failures: Because the opposite of the rule also works. You don't want what you can EASILY attain. And marriages make people easy to have! You have pledged yourself to your husband by signing those papers, and now he takes you for granted. How, then, can you win your husband back?

It is by taking that psychological rule, and turning it into your FAVOR instead of your disadvantage. To win your husband back, you have to learn to play hard to get. Do not be in his face all the time. Get out of the house with your friends. Do not cry to him. And for God's sake, DO NOT BEG him for anything. To win a husband back, you need to be harder for him to get!

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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If you are in the business world, a common acronym is ROI which stands for Return On Investment.

Return on Investment means the net proceeds, or profit, after taking into account the costs of doing business, or your investment. In most simple terms, income minus expenses equals profit, or Return On Investment.

But in the world of marriage, I have my own acronym for ROI that uses a similar formula.

My ROI is Return Of Intimacy.

The amount of investment you make in your marriage should result in a higher return of intimacy and love from your wife.

What is the ROI of your marriage? Do you invest in the partnership so that you receive love in return? Do you spend time every day letting your wife know how much you love and care for her? Do you go out of your way to make her happy? Do you listen to her intently every day? What can you do to "invest" in your relationship so that you receive love and intimacy in return?

As I have state elsewhere, I believe that it is up to the man to be the initiator in marriage. As women need to feel connected to share intimacy, the husband must take the lead and show his wife how much he adores, appreciates, admires and accepts her before she will reciprocate with love and affection.

There are so many things that can distract us from having a wonderful marriage. Are you extremely busy at work that you just haven't taken the time to connect with your wife lately? Are the children keeping you running in circles so that all the focus is on them? Are health issues impacting your marriage and intimacy? Have your attempts at intimacy with your wife been rejected, taking away your motivation to romance?

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These and numerous other things can impact the closeness you and your wife feel towards each other. Remember how connected you were when you dated or were newly married? How about before you had children and had more responsibility at work? Do you recall the things you did then, that you don't do now, that created the atmosphere of love?

The first step to improving your ROI in Marriage is through communication and taking action.

Let your wife know numerous times a day that you love her. Let her know that you feel sorry for not being as attentive to her in the recent past. Buy her flowers and a beautiful card. Take her away for a night to a hotel. Go for a bike ride and picnic. It doesn't matter what you do, just so long as you spend some fun time together to reactivate the love and intimacy in the relationship.

If you already have a good ROI in your marriage yet want to kick things up a notch, taking more action will make your marriage even richer. Perhaps your wife will be so happy that she will gladly satisfy some of the things you have asked for in the past, like giving you a back massage or doing something kinky.

If your current ROI is negligible, or if you are even in ROI bankruptcy, have no fear. You are not alone! Lots of men are experiencing the same circumstance. The key here is to not expect too much right away when you start to reinvest in your marriage.

Take it slow! You must first rebuild the love and trust. If your wife perceives your actions as solely for selfish sexual pleasure, then it will fail. Be the man, romance your wife, rekindle that flame and you will be amazed how happy your wife will be.

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