There are many rules in forex trading that we should know before investing in it, not everyone can invest in forex trading. Because there is a risk in it. So you should invest only after taking full information about it.

• Firstly, it is essential that the goals of which you want to achieve are clear in your mind, then you should have to believe that the trading method you have chosen is able to achieve your goal. Each type of trading style requires a different approach and each style has a different risk profile, which requires different approaches to successfully trade.

• Select a broker with whom you feel comfortable. Also, keep in mind that the trading platform that you provide it encourages your trading style. While choosing a broker, it is important that the broker who gives you trading platforms also allows you to analyze according to your needs.

• Choose a methodology and after that continue the use of their application. Before entering a market as a trader, it is important to know how you will decide to execute your trade.

• if you take your Basic Trading Instructions through the Weekly Chart and you use the Daily Chart for Time Entry, then make sure you've both

• Second, take the maximum risk of 2% of your total fund in the trade. In other words, if there are $ 10,000 in your trading account, then do not lose more than 2 percent or 200 dollars on any trading account. If your stop is far from two percent of your account, then you trade in short-term time frames or reduce your risk.

• Create a positive feedback. Positive feedback helps your trade to be the best trade according to your plan. Whenever you plan a trade and execute it well, then understand that you are on a positive feedback pattern.

• Keep a printed record near you. Keeping a printed record for a trader can be a better learning tool. Take the printout of the chart and make a list of all the reasons for the trade and the fundamentals of your decisions. Mark on the chart with your entry and exit point.

The above rules will give you a structured approach to trading and the returns received in this will help you to become a more superior trade.

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