There is huge potential for digital poker nomads. From a single win, you can afford several months of travel and comfortably meet the cost of living. No wonder it has become an attractive option for poker players who want to make it more than just a hobby.
But even though you can make money from poker and travel the World, sustaining it all is not a walk on the beach.
Here is everything you need to know

What your intended country of visit says about digital poker

Before you think of becoming a travel poker player, first find out whether you can play on poker sites from the country you intend to visit. This is very key. Iif you are planning holiday visits to countries like Paris, Spain or even Las Vegas for the WSOP, I hate to say that you will be out of luck. If you intend to travel and survive on poker income in countries like Thailand, you must have a permit. If you are caught working without a permit, you might risk being deported. Worst still, online gambling can lead to imprisonment. Guarantee your internet traffic is not spied or do not brag about it. Find a good poker site like dewapoker and stick to it throughout your travel.

Digital poker nomad essentials

I met some nomads who are globetrotting and at the same time playing digital poker as their sole income source; one piece of advice they have always shared is this: always be certain about which gear to pack, choose a secretive place to stay and make sure you book a residence that has provision of top notch speedy internet. For many, the digital nomad lifestyle is all about striking a balance between life and work itself by making a side hustle or an income form their fulfilling hobbies. Players such as Federico Majagua69 Quevedo is a perfect example of an online poker who turned his hobby into a career that fuels his surfing and travel habit.

Must have gadgets before you travel

In case you are using your laptop, remember to sync all your databases so that you don’t miss out on the hands you played on your desktop while you are away enjoying your vacation. This is because player notes are saved to an XML file, not your account so before you travel, copy this file from the desktop to your laptop and back to your desktop when you return. This way you will be sure not to lose anything. Also, an external monitor to dual screen with your laptop is important.
Plus this goes unsaid, keep your poker dealings a secret.

Have a positive attitude

My parting shot is this: nobody knows if poker is their thing from the onset. Give it a shot, keep it on the down low, who knows, you might surprise yourself. Also if you are passionate about poker, trust me this will be a walk in the park. It will never feel like work’ at all. Also, to sustain your travel lifestyle, remember to work smart. I always say working hard does not equate to success. Be resourceful, always keep your wits with you, be artful, and you will live the poker dream

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