There are many successful forex traders out there. If you are one of them, you have probably been thinking how to utilize your skills and knowledge even more, in order to make more profit. If you already have a good trading strategy, there must be other traders who are willing to use it and who are looking for a solution for their trading issues, right? In case you are interested in learning how to convert your trading strategy into forex signals service, make sure to keep reading this article. More and more traders are capitalizing their knowledge on forex trading, and you can be one of them!

Should You Capitalize Your Trading Strategy?

You are the only one who knows the answer, but let’s keep things objective. In case you decide to do so, you will:

1. Increase your profit by selling your strategy in form of forex signals

2. Get a critical acclaim

3. Get market feedback that will help you improve your strategy in the future

Considering that forex markets are the becoming more and more popular each day, there will always be new traders looking for assistance in form of a good trading strategy implemented in forex signals. Also, this way, forex trading can become your main source of income, and not just a hobby.

What are Traders Looking for in Forex Signals?

To capitalize your knowledge, you must understand the market on a different level, that is not trading-related. You must know what forex audience is interested in and what they consider beneficial. Build your forex signals services on the following facts and you may be surprised by your success.
Cheap or Free Forex Signals

Traders like signals that are free of charge or charge only a small fee, as that way they have more money left for trading. Even though this seems to be counter-effective, you will be able to gain a larger audience that is looking for an alternative to expensive signals.

Accessible Signals

Nowadays, most traders prefer one of the following signals types: copy trading signals, SMS signals, email signals, SMS signals, messenger signals and social platform signals. However, the most popular ones are forex signals based on algorithms that can be immediately implemented into the trading process like copy trading signals on MT4. See how to develop an expert advisor.

Easy-to-Use Signals

Traders prefer signals that are easy to use and don’t require special installations or downloads and plug-ins. Still, the level of safety and security has to stay high. Trader’s private data and money should never be easily accessible to hackers and other types of scams.

Converting Strategy to Forex Signals

Once you are ready and sure you want to share your knowledge on forex trading with the world, make sure to test it. The best way to test forex strategy is to use a live or a demo account and test it over a longer period of time, at least six months. That way you will be able to perfect your product before release.

Also, make sure to find a reliable software that will deliver your trading signals, as all your knowledge means nothing if you don’t know how to deliver the forex signals. You can use expensive software and computer servers or start small via email and Skype by building your online community.

Also, bear in mind that traders want live signals that are delivered fast and can be used with multiple forex brokers on multiple devices. They want to trade no matter where they are – in the USA or India, and they want all that for a reasonable price. Make sure to create a product that stands out on the market whether thanks to high quality or great design and creative trading solutions. Bear in mind you will have to spend some time explaining to new clients how to use your forex signals. You can do it personally or hire a customer support. Try to find the right number of signals that will be delivered and the best way to do so. Nobody likes to receive 20 notifications or email each day from a single person.

Creating your own forex signals from your forex strategy might seem like a lot of hard work and it is. Still, it can also be a fruitful business opportunity when approached correctly and with required dedication.

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I'm a proprietary trader and CMT® charter holder specializing in short to medium-term technical strategies. I decided binary options were too risky for him and that I'd be better off focusing on my share portfolio.