Do you want a more compelling future? To set a goal and have realistic dreams you feel are moving you towards making measurable progress so you too can achieve your goals and have a powerful success strategy so you can have more time, more energy, better relationships and more money.

Today I'm going to list three real tips so you too can achieve and live a compelling future.
What is a compelling future?

> MORE TIME to achieve the things that you really want.
> MORE ENERGY so you can focus and take action to enjoy doing those things.
> BETTER RELATIONSHIPS so you have your "dream team" achieving your specific strategic goals and vision, holding you accountable, helping you reach your goals, experience growth, visualize the life you love, and driving you towards your goals and…
> MORE MONEY so you can enjoy the process and have the ability to accomplish the finer things in life.

Those four elements make up what we call a Freedom Lifestyle.

How do you create a compelling future?

First: Reflect and understand the key values, direction and design of your life.

It's like looking in a mirror. Review and get clear on your purpose, the inspiring story about what your future is… what I call your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Ask questions like:

- What does living my best future look like?
- What kind of person or friend do I want to be?
- What does building my compelling future look like?
- What positive statements do I want people to say about me?
- How can I stay strong in the face of false information or beliefs?

Use a worksheet to answer these questions.

When you're having the impact that you really want to have, when you're making a difference in people's lives. What is that you're getting up for everyday and you're doing that you are enjoying with the people that you really want to do it with?

You've got to paint that picture and decide to get very clear on it.

With my $50,000 high-end coaching clients, one of the things that I talk about all the time is The Entrepreneurial Yellow Brick Road which has four milestones on it.

The first milestone is when you make your first dollar online.

The second milestone is when you make your first $10,000 online.

The third milestone is when you make your first $100,000 online.

The fourth milestone is when you make your first million dollars online.

Decide where you are and where you want to be on that on that yellow brick road.

Have you made your first dollar online?

Have you made your first $10,000?

Have you made your first $100,000?

Have you made your first million?

OR are you on your way to those?

How many months will it take to reach your next milestone?

Get very clear on what is your compelling future.
Second: Identify what is holding you back

Relax, listen to music, get quiet and get clarity on your objectives and what individual situation or context or subconscious block is in your way.

What's holding you back?

What's keeping you stuck?

What are the roadblocks?

Check the barriers you can't seem to break through, no matter what you've tried before.

Now we're addressing the three gaps you can have when it comes to setting and reaching your goal or goals and making daily progress:

1. Knowledge Gap (Not knowing what to do)
2. Skills Gap (Not knowing HOW to do it)
3. Belief Gap (Not believing you CAN do it)

Guess which one most people have?

Most people have a Belief Gap.

What is a Belief Gap?

It's the belief, "I probably can't do it anyway. I'm not smart enough, it sounds too hard, I don't have the crucial motivation, I don't know the right actions to take, there are too many obstacles, I'll never lose the weight, I'll never lose the pounds, I'll never be rich, I'll never have the body I want, it's too difficult, I can't imagine hitting my goal, I simply don't have the commitment to reach my goals, so why bother? It's easier to just stay in bed or go to the stores or the museum.”

Remember, that very thought will keep you STUCK.

Most of the people I've coached over the last two decades came to me with a Belief Gap that was keeping them STUCK.
Third: Make it about MORE THAN MONEY

Make it more about meaning than money.

In my experience, we human beings will do more for MEANING than for money.

For example, when you go on social media, you see all the gurus in front of their Lambos and private jets, showing off all their "cool stuff" and saying "Hey man, aren't I awesome? I made all this money and I'll show you how to do it too!”

They're great self-promoters, but what I've noticed after spending half a million dollars with all the gurus out there, is that they can't teach their way out of a paper bag!

Isn't it interesting that of course we want money and all the nice things money can buy.

But really our goal is the four elements of a Freedom Lifestyle I just talked about:

- Our goal is MORE TIME. Meaning we set goals are BE FREE, to feel happy and fulfilled, to produce the fearless, unique measure of achievement we desire, adopting our own schedule - whether we want to enjoy coffee in the morning, time to be grateful, time to photograph a beautiful scene, time to pursue dreaming without a specific timeline.

- Our goal is MORE ENERGY. Meaning we set goals precisely because defining our lives by money means short outcomes that don't satisfy. We want to have the peak performance that leaders do, stop the rush of life, come from the heart, stop being so tense and telling ourselves things that aren't true, pursue healthy initiatives for the long term, get in touch with Source and the healthy voice in our hearts.

- Our goal is BETTER RELATIONSHIPS. Meaning we set goals are so we may have the optimal management of our enterprises, taking actionable development, avoiding foolish, incomplete or ambiguous goals, getting input and ideas and topics from the right people and trusted consultants and our company's culture working uniquely in concert, giving and receiving proper evaluation, enjoying the people that we're with. And of course ...

- Our goal is MORE MONEY. Meaning we set goals for inspiration, for our school and communities, to provide super learning no matter the type or format, to save for our future and for our company's forward movement, no matter the current times or history.

Yes, it is attainable.

Yet no matter the industry - whether food and beverage, health, network marketing, entrepreneurial, service industry, even if you're an educator - what I've seen over the last two decades of coaching people in dozens of industries that money is NOT the best motivator for most of the clients I work with.

Most people will do more to make a difference.

Now I do want to show you something here about how you can make money from me so that you can fulfill your mission and create a more compelling future.

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Creating a compelling future means you are setting goals, making measurable progress every step of the way, following fundamental proven leadership and organizational principles like the ones taught at Harvard and other institutions, serving others, and feeling the momentum that comes from following effective motivational workshop goals like these.

Start to follow the systems so you can have MORE TIME to achieve the goal or goals you set...

MORE ENERGY to transform your life...

BETTER RELATIONSHIPS so you have the deep community of people who love you, and...

MORE MONEY so that you can achieve your out sized goals in a week that you haven't been able to do in months or even years.

Write a new narrative for yourself, give this the attention it deserves so you too can create a compelling future for you, for your business, for your career, for your family and for your legacy.

Author's Bio: 

Noah St. John is a keynote speaker and best-selling author who's famous for inventing Afformations® and helping busy people enjoy financial freedom. His sought-after advice is known as the "secret sauce" in personal and business growth.

Noah's engaging and down-to-earth speaking style always gets high marks from audiences. One of the world's most sought-after experts on personal growth and professional development, Noah appears frequently in the news worldwide, including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, The Hallmark Channel, NPR, PARADE, Woman's Day, Los Angeles Business Journal, Huffington Post, Chicago Sun-Times,, Selling Power and The Washington Post.