Many people are still looking for ways to cure sweaty feet. It is so annoying to have this condition plus it does not help you build your confidence at all. The situation can even get worse from the bad smell associated with it. Many methods are used to slow down the activity of the foot sweat glands. There are natural and surgical methods. There are some that can even be done in your own home. Below are the two most common foot baths that can help you deal with sweaty feet.

Tea is perfect for socializing, but their usefulness does not end there. You can also use them for foot baths. When choosing the right tea, brewed tea is the most preferred. This is because it contains more tannin, which is a property that causes something to shrink on the openings of sweat glands. Just soak your feet in a tea-foot bath for up to 30 minutes, then you can already feel the difference.

There are also questions about how to cure sweaty feet using vinegar. The answer is simple. You can add vinegar in a foot bath and soak your feet for up to 30 minutes. Vinegar contains acid that can reduce the number of bacteria on your feet. Just remember not to rinse your feet immediately after soaking your feet. Wait a while and just with the sour smell that it can cause.

Foot baths have been used over the years to bring comfort to the feet. But by adding some ingredients you get a medical foot bath. After a few sessions of foot baths, you can safely release your feet without worrying that someone next to you may smell something bad. You now have other methods to cure sweaty feet. You just have to observe which method is most effective for you. Then you can continuously do it until your feet are sweat free.

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If you are looking for a cure for sweaty feet, you will be happy to know that there are many options in store for you. You can choose a few methods depending on your budget, but there are also some cures that can be done without spending a penny.