How To Deal With Uncaring Husband: The Secrets Of Keeping Your Husband In Love With You

In medival times the 'keep' was the central tower that formed the heart of the castle. It was the most defended area of a castle. With that in mind, if we are to 'keep' our husband in love with us, we need to always 'keep' our husbands needs close to our heart and defend our relationship at all times.

We need to defend our marriage relationship by not allowing it to fall into a boring routine, defending against affairs, maintaining a healthy sex life, defending against being critical, and spending regular, quality time with our husband.


As we 'keep' our relationship from falling into a boring routine, we will look for opportunities to pamper and spoil our spouse. Simple acts of thoughtfulness breed reciprocal acts of kindness.

These efforts don't have to be expensive or elaborate, a tender note in a lunch box, a romantic note left on their wind shield, a short e-mail with a compliment, a unique dinner place setting, or a bedroom invitation written in soap on their mirror.


The best offense in warding off the intrusion of an affair is to have a rewarding, satisfying marriage that meets the needs of both partners. Affairs aren't about sex, they're about someones needs going unmet.

These needs are usually emotional in nature, and ones that have been subtlely expressed to their wife, but the plea went unnoticed. Don't allow yourself to assume that your loving feelings alone will sustain your marriage. It requires daily acts of loving and listening to reinforce a marriage against the intrusion of an affair.

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Sex is a basic human need and should take priority over other things in your marriage. The sobering reality is that most spouses are more vulnerable to flirtations and sexual advances from others when their sex life is unhappy at home.

It's also critical to not only make time for sex but to have open communication with your spouse about both of your sexual needs. Ongoing intimacy keeps a relationships strong, thus, as you maintain a healthy sex life your relationship will remain strong.


It's easy to criticize your husband for not being perfect while you ignore your own imperfections. It's important to focus on what you can do and give to your relationship rather than on whether or not your spouse is putting forth an equal effort or has some imperfections.

As you strive to improve who you are, you will become a more happy, peaceful person and this will reflect upon your husband. Not only will their imperfections appear to diminish, they will make improvements as well.


It's difficult to have a successful marriage and experience true love without spending at least one night a week together that is free from distractions of family and work.

This doesn't have to be an expensive date each week, just time together enjoying each others company and 'keeping' your marriage strengthened.

As you put forth the effort to 'keep' your marriage strong, you will be amazed at the depth of joy and happiness in your marriage and how your relationship will flourish as it is nourished with these 5 secrets.

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Something tells you that you have a marriage in trouble. You're still together, you still come back to the same home but something is amiss. The last thing you want is to become another statistic just like the 5 out of every 10 marriages that end up in divorce every year.

How do you spot a marriage in trouble? Experts say that there are 5 hidden signs of a marriage in trouble that most of us never see, have no inkling are there, and are the most dangerous hidden indications that a marriage is heading downhill, possibly toward divorce --

1. You talk and share less as time goes by. This is a sure sign that your connection is waning.

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2. You don't care for sex with each other very much. Worse if you end up secretly having an outside affair.

3. You both would rather be in the company of your buddies or girlfriends.

4. You care less about each other. Your spouse may accidentally cut himself or herself and you hardly raise an eyebrow above the magazine you're reading.

5. You have goals and dreams for the future that don't include your spouse.

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I sometimes hear from wives who have reluctantly agreed to a marital separation, but who now regret it deeply. Often, things are not turning out as they hoped and this is sometimes because their spouse is acting distant or cold. The wives will often speculate or worry that the husband's attitude is going to affect the outcome of their marriage.

I heard from a wife who said: "against my better judgement, I agreed to a separation only because I worried that if I didn't, my husband would file for a divorce. When my husband approached me about the separation, he assured me that he still loved me and was still committed to our marriage. He said that he was sorry that it had come to this but he just felt that he needed some time to gather his thoughts and evaluate his feelings. So I guess I took him at his word and assumed that although we might both be sad and we might struggle through the separation, we'd soldier on because that's what we have both committed to doing. Well, my husband's attitude is completely contradictory to this. He seems happy and youthful since he's moved out. Instead of having to worry about me and the kids, he gets to go to the gym every day or he hangs out with his friends. He looks completely well rested and at peace. I haven't seem him look this content in years. And yet, the opposite is true for me. I feel sadness, remorse, and regret every single day. There are bags under my eyes and my shoulders sag. I constantly worry about what is going to happen to our family in the future. My life just feels off without my family together. When I mentioned this contrast to my husband, he said that I am reading too much into this. He says that I have no idea what he is feeling and that I shouldn't begrudge him his attempt to make the best out of a difficult situation. But I think his behavior goes beyond that. I don't think he's feeling any pain or regret. I actually think he's relieved and happy. And it's just not fair. What can I do?"

I did understand this wife's frustration. I felt the same way during my own separation. I could barely pull myself out of bed each morning and then I would see him looking happy and carefree. It made me feel quite rejected and depressed. And frankly, it caused me to participate in behaviors that made things worse for us. So I do have unique insights about this which may help you. I will share them below.

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Even Though The Situation Might Look Obvious, You Can't Possibly Know What He's Thinking Or Feeling: I understand why it might feel like it's obvious that he's not feeling any pain or remorse. But, sometimes people portray one image but feel something that is not at all in alignment with what they are projecting to the world. Sometimes, they are putting up a defense mechanism to pretend that everything is OK when it most definitely is not. Other times, they are trying to make the best of a difficult situation. Or, they are not totally letting you into their mind set because they don't want to worry or confuse you. And here is one more thing to think about. You are often dealing with a man who is demanding his space. So, that alone is going to tell you that he doesn't necessarily want to be transparent about his feelings right now. So you can not always trust outward appearances or make unfortunate assumptions.

Frankly, It Is The Future Of Your Marriage That Matters The Most: Here's something that you may not have realized because you've never gone through this before. But I know it to be true. Things can change dramatically from one week to the next when you are separated. People gain perspective and change their minds all of the time. How he is feeling and acting today may very well change tomorrow.

Sometimes, things gradually get better as you begin to make some progress. And sometimes, it is just going to take a while for the novelty of the separation to wear off for him. Many husbands act like a kid in a candy store when the separation begins because suddenly they feel less responsibility and this can feel like a relief at first. But that relief often gives way to loneliness. And this is usually when you will see his attitude and his behaviors change.

So there is really no reason to assume that just because he's acting in a frustrating way right now, this is going to be your new reality. My experience tells me that sometimes, you just need to give this some time and you need to understand that you might not know exactly what he's thinking and feeling. And, even if you do, his perceptions may well change in the near future.

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