Beer festivals around the world pave the way for people to discover new beers and celebrate the occasion in a festive spirit. Whether it's the Oktoberfest or the Great British Beer Festival, beer festivals are now celebrated around the world. The pattern of consumption and culture of beer consumption may vary from country to country, but the fun element remains the same in all of them.

While it's important to keep the fun part of the festival going, it's equally important that you make the most of the festival and don't overdo it. This is how you can enjoy a beer festival without being labeled by your peers as an annoying beer drinker,http://mulaqat/.

Eat well

It is important that you eat a few hours before entering a festival and that you take the flavor of the food out of your mouth so that you can savor your favorite beer correctly. Most festivals have pre-set food stalls available for purchase that range from nachos and pizza slices to chicken drumsticks and sandwiches. Eating a little between you beers can give that buffer for alcohol absorption and also cleanse your palate.

Prepare a plan to drink beer

Take a hint from the list that is prepared by almost all beer festivals about beer and breweries and plan accordingly what and how much to consume. Plan ahead how you would like your beer, in kegs or pewter beer mugs.

Water is equally important

If you consume two ounces of beer servings, try to have the same amount of water before moving on to the next beer stand. This will ensure you don't get dehydrated and this will also help reduce your chance of getting a hangover later.

Try your beer

Beer festivals give you an exciting opportunity to sample beer from around the world and this should be your priority - sample your beer. Instead of spending four hours gulping down beer kegs, savor it in huge German beer glasses. Don't finish your sample before you've smelled your beer, checked its appearance, and understood its texture to see if it's fizzy, silky, or thick. It is also recommended that you first take a half sample of beer to understand the different properties of the beer: too bitter, sweet and sour, etc.

Buy a favorite

At the end of the day, it is a beer tasting festival. So, be sure not to swallow huge glasses without realizing which beer you liked best to enjoy later in the comfort of your home with your friends and your favorite music.

Have a designated driver

Most importantly, be sure not to drive back home after trying many samples of beer. Have a designated driver or go in a group with a person to drive back home safely.

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How to drink your beer correctly!