If you think that you may be suffering from a bed bug infestation you will want to get them out of your home as quickly as possible. You can check out How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs yourself here.

You may think that you have to hire Bedbugs Control Brisbane professional to get rid of the bed bugs for you but it is very possible for you to do it once you know how to get rid of bed bugs yourself. There are many steps to the bed bugs treatment but if you do them properly you will be able to completely rid your home of the infestation in no time and save money in the process.

If you’ve experienced a bed bug bite and know how to eliminate bed bugs yourself the first thing you will need to do is to strip the room down. You will need to take all the sheets, comforters, curtains, towels, clothing, shoes, and even picture frames and thoroughly clean them. Everything that can be washed in the washer should be washed in very high heat. If you want to be very safe you can wash them more than once on high heat and dry with high heat also. This is the only way that you can be certain that both the bugs and their eggs are truly dead. Once you have washed the items that can be washed in the washer you will want to keep them away from the area that is infested so that you can be certain that they do not get infected again. When cleaning surfaces in the room it is important to make sure to use a product that will kill the eggs and the bugs. Remember that they can live in drawers and even under the furniture in the room so it is important to clean those surfaces as well.

Once all materials and surfaces are clean in the room you will be ready to clean the mattress, box spring, and then the floor. It is important to remember that the bugs can live inside of the mattress and box spring. If you want to know how to get rid of bed bugs the next step is to get a great steamer.

The hot air that is emitted from the steamer will kill the bed bugs on contact. It is possible to load the steamer with chemicals that are specially designed to kill the bed bugs. It is not always necessary to use the chemicals but as an extra precaution, you may want to use them. You will need to steam the matters and box spring. When doing the mattress it is important to take your time and to be certain that you are getting every area and side. You will need to flip the mattress and do the other side as well. When you are flipping it you will need to remember that the box spring may be infested as well. Try as best as you can to not let the freshly steamed side to touch the possibly infested box spring. A great way to do this is to stand the mattress on its side and steam the other side. When you go to steam the box spring you will need to remember that it is hollow inside and that the steam will be able to pass completely through it.

The steam could cause injury so make sure that you are not steaming in a way that could cause the steam to get into your face or touch your skin. After you have steamed the mattress and box spring you may want to consider putting them in an enclosed container made to keep bed bugs out. You can check out specifically designed to kill bed bugs mattress covers here.

Next comes to the carpet. This is another area where you will want to take your time and cover every inch. You will also need to steam all of the other furniture in the room.

Keep in mind that you should not go sleep in another room or your favorite chair because the thought of bed bugs in your bed if disgusting to you. You will just help to spread the infestation. You are their food source and they will just keep searching you out no matter what room you are in.

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