VICIDial has been in use for years. There are so many companies all across the world using it as call center software to run their business. As a known fact, it is an open source contact center solution and it misses some important features. Furthermore, there are some limitations of this contact center software, which doesn’t allow agents to give their 100% productivity. Removing these hurdles and adding new modules in your existing VICIDial, contact center software, will help you improve your productivity and ROI.

Let’s see must have features and their benefits for your contact or customer care center:

VICIDial CRM Integration

Your agents need to work with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution to cater customers in a personalized manner. As VICIDial and CRM solutions are two separate systems, the agents need to switch back and forth between these two different systems. It wastes a lot of valuable time, which could be used in productive activities. The solution is performing Call center CRM solutions integration. You can integrate any open source or custom CRM system with the VICIDial. This will remove the need of switching between two different systems. Both of these systems will be accessible within a single screen. This will double productivity of your agents and increase revenues by 200%.

Additional Communication Channels

When you run a call center, at a certain point your agents face a need of sending an SMS to verify certain information or send an email with more details. VICIDial, call center solution only support audio calls related features. To add another communication mode such as email, SMS, fax, etc., you can add VICIDial modules. There are many companies that have ready to use VICIDial modules and you can integrate it at affordable rates.

Advanced Dialer and Call Routing Rules

VICIDial provides basic call routing rules and dialers, but to provide better service, you need advanced dialers and call routing rules. For an instance, Predictive Dialer will assure to keep your agents busy with calls. It predicts in advanced how many agents will get free and how many calls would get answered after dialing in the next minute, based on this calculation, it dials numbers and assign calls. This will assure the agents are performing at their best. Another great feature is skill based routing; it routes a call to the agent who is most skilled to resolve the customer’s query. This will decrease call wrap up time and increase customer satisfaction. Another, great call routing feature is sticky agent, which routes call to the same agent for the same caller. Adding these modules can empower your agents to perform better and delight customers.

These are the major modules you should add in the VICIDial, call center solution. There are many more advanced modules and functionality that you must add in this open source call center software to empower your staff and delight customers. This will help in increasing your revenues.

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David is working on promotional campaign of a VoIP company that has VICIDial experts. The company offers customization and support service for this open source call center solution as well as it offers CRM Call Center Integration Service.