There are no strict rules for entry into the Forex market. It is enough for you to be a minor. If you have a minor balance, you can even open it and start the process. If you do not want to open a real account, you can process as many free trial accounts as you want.

How to Open Real and Trial Accounts Quickly with Forex

To open trials or a real account choose a forex brokerage firm with the office. Make sure that there is a fixed spread and make sure that you get your day-to-day e-mail address every day and the day is coming. When you enter the brokerage site, you fill in a small form and mark the trial account. Before entering the market, you need to learn about the forex market.

You download the PDF file for the actual account, print it out, fill it out, sign your signature and ship it. Please note that it can be opened quickly even within 1 business day. After funding, your funds will be credited to your account and you can start trading for 5 days and 24 hours from now.

How to trade logically with Forex?

There is no point in using the leverage factor to the full. Those who move in this way either earn a lot of money and melt their capital or melt their capitals in their subsequent operations. Your luck never goes on forever in this way and you can even lose your fortune at break times. Therefore, we recommend focusing on your margin. We do not recommend that you keep your level of stop-loss wide because there is such a wide difference.

Also, if market conditions turn to negative, you should also know how to take 1-2 pips of profit and close the transactions when necessary. The other way to start conscious processes is to make plenty of mistakes in the trial accounts. The more you notice your mistakes, the more you don't repeat.

Open a position and create another position in the same way if it continues to be harmful. You will see how fast your money will melt. It is important to see the destructive effects of giving instructions on the exact opposite of the power of the market. However, it should be possible to understand why the current pricing is more successful with various brokerage analyzes and to use it in various analyzes in the future.

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