How To Handle Disagreements With Your Partner: Husband And Wife Fighting All The Time

One of the most difficult things to deal with in a marriage is arguments. Despite the fact that getting your feelings out in the open (even if it is in a heated discussion) can be productive, many of these situations turn into senseless arguing where couples trade hurtful and unhelpful remarks.

Typically, it is these scenarios which are the most difficult to get over as it leaves you feeling a mixture of guilt, resentment and lack of acknowledgment. It is these confrontations which we need to examine more closely and establish how they occur in the first place.

When having an argument with your spouse (or anyone for that matter) it isn't uncommon for there to be a world of difference between what we are thinking and feeling, and what we have said. It's not always an easy thing to express, especially when you feel agitated. As a result of this, there is plenty of room for misinterpretation. So you what you find is that instead of establish the core issue, we often move further away from it!

There are those who find it difficult to establish what is wrong with the relationship, but know to a degree that there is something missing. Whilst others have a clearer idea of where the marriage has gone wrong but refuse to take any responsibility. The result of this is creating distance and a lack of understanding. This is usually the stage where partners start to consider divorce.

A lot of couples separate because they are unable to share with each what they feel. For whatever reason, the things that we communicate aren't necessarily what we are thinking. Instead tackling the core issues head on (which let's face it, isn't always easy) we turn away from each other to avoid another blazing row.

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As strange as this may sound, arguing becomes addictive and turns into the primary way in which we communicate. Clearly when two people get to this stage, they are no longer interested in resolving issues.

Until these two people can find a way of respecting each other and taking on board what they both say, then little progress will be made.

Although dealing with the most immediate issues and making living together more comfortable has value, this won't necessarily result in a permanent fix; the problems that you and your partner have will still exist and be bought up in potential future and needless argument.

So, how do you put this stage of your marriage behind you? The answer is two-fold; you start by being completely and utterly open with your spouse about what you find difficult and upsets you. This may be challenging if you have gotten used to being defensive, but as you start to communicate this way, you will come to better a understanding yourself. The second aspect that needs to be worked on is both listening and asking the right questions.

Being receptive when your partner shares their feelings with you like this is paramount. Make a sincere effort to empathise with what they are saying and demonstrate that you took their comments on board by thanking them for doing so.

As well as both asking each other well thought out questions to gain clarity, ask yourself them and you will soon figure out the root to many of your relationship's sticking points and recognise what the right approach to take with your marriage is.

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A marriage is meant to be the best time of your life, an adventure to be shared with the person you love the most in this world. But marriages can either be happy and nurturing, or unhappy and claustrophobic. An unhappy marriage leads to a chronic state of anxiety and stress and is something that needs to be fixed, not ignored. Many couples find themselves in relationships that seem to get worse over time and not better. You want the relationship to work, but it seems to be gathering speed as it's headed downhill.

At its most basic level marriage imposes responsibilities on you and your spouse to stay true to each other and to protect each other from any harm. Studies have shown, though, that couples who were in unhappy marriages were usually committed to the marriage for its own sake, but not to their spouse. For these couples, the marriage was tolerated out of their sense of duty to their children and family, their faith, or to society.

Marriage can do a lot of good for both partners, but just so long as they are in harmony with their partners. Even at the physical level, as soon as a man and wife start to be at odds, blood pressure goes up and hormone levels change in a way which lowers your immunity.

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How does a marriage become unhappy? Couples begin to drift apart when communication breaks down. The way you try to resolve conflicts has a lot to do with whether or not your relationship will last. Ask yourself whether the way you talk to each other is pushing you apart or pulling you together?

So before you do anything else focus on how the two of you communicate. Couples have to learn how to begin serious conversations gently with a "softened" startup. If you use a gentler beginning to your discussions, talking about what is bothering you in a kind, considerate way, without criticizing or blaming, your partner will retain their self-respect and feel more motivated to please you.

How does this affect the relationship? Psychologists have found that couples who make decisions together and talk things over report much higher levels of marital satisfaction. It doesn't mean that these couples agree on everything or that they even share all of the same interests, but they try to work out compromises to accommodate their differences.

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Everybody flirts, yes even the married ones. Just because you got married it doesn't mean you should lock the keys of the flirting and throw them in a deep well never to be found again. In fact this is when flirting becomes even more interesting. Get out of the house, flirt at every chance you get. For those people who look for adventure this should be the greatest adventure ever. The only rule about flirting when you are married is not to be caught doing it especially if your partner did not know you were doing it. You do not want a divorce file sent to you because your husband or wife caught you flirting and they got so hurt they could barely look at you again. Flirting when married is also a nice way of knowing if you are still desirable to other people and not only your husband or wife alone.

Just like flirting that is carried out by people who are not attached to anyone, flirting when married entail almost the same things. The only difference is that you have to be careful not to fall in love with this person. This is because for single people, they mostly flirt for fun and at the same time to try and find themselves potential candidate they could settle down with in future. When you are married be careful not to lead the person on in such a way to make him or her think you are available for something more than flirting later yet you are not. There is a certain level you should not pass when you are married and it comes to flirting.

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If you are flirting when married make sure you can stop just in time if you see the need to stop and it is threatening your relationship with your husband or wife. If you find that you cannot stop flirting with a person you had better seek help. That is because you will be in much trouble if you can not stop and your partner finds out that you have such a problem. Though people who flirt love their partners, the partners might not think that they love them enough and perhaps the reason for their flirting. So be careful while flirting and do not do it when your husband or wife is fully watching you and you know they do not like it. It is not good at all.

Finally if you are flirting when married respect the other person enough not to do things they do not approve. Flirting can be a very good thing but it can also be a very bad thing. This is because when married people flirt they bring back a lot of good things in their relationship. As long as the two people who are married are flirting and all of them accept that their partner is only doing it for fun and not to hurt them, it is a safe thing to do. You might even come to appreciate and love each other more. Make sure before you start flirting with any one that your partner is fine with it and that you are not jeopardizing your relationship with him or her. Go ahead, have fun flirting while married. It certainly is not cheating.

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