How To Heal A Broken Marriage With God: Trusting God To Restore My Marriage

Divorce is as common among Christians as it is among people of other religion or no religion at all. The truth is that marriages are not made in heaven but are divinely blessed by God. He did not promise marriages to be problem-free nor did he intend divorce to be the last option for a failing marriage. If you and your spouse are searching for a way to save this marriage, there are Christian counselors and services to help your troubled marriage and assist you as you turn for spiritual and moral guidance.

Some Christian couples who are serious in trying to save their marriage always turn to God for the first solution to their problem. The way to do this is not only turn to God's Word but also to involve a professional marriage counselor in the process. A qualified Christian counselor will assist the couple in using the Holy Scriptures as a guide to repair their broken relationship. Competent Christian counselors will know how to encourage you to seek solutions to save this marriage according to God's plan.

Be Patient. Patience is one virtue that produces peace and love in marriage. Only God can give you patience that passes all understanding. If you really want to save a failing marriage then you need to be more patient with your spouse. The more patience you will have the more you will enjoy understanding and unity inside your home.

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Learn to Forgive. Forgiveness produces harmony and togetherness. There is no room for pride in a marriage. The Holy Scriptures warns that pride goes before destruction. When you are wrong say sorry or learn to accept your spouse's weaknesses. God recommended this habit to anyone who wants to live in harmony and have a better married life.

Pray without ceasing. When you are in trouble, get down on your knees and pray. Prayer puts your marriage in an excellent shape. Prayer can heal a broken heart. Every unseen force or evil that attacks your marriage can be dealt with when you turn to God in prayer. It is your shield and armor. Many couples have testified how prayer changed their marriage for the good. Make it a habit for you and your spouse to spend time in prayer every day. Not only will it bring you closer to God but it can also save your marriage as you present your concerns to him.

Your journey together in your married life isn't easy. As you find yourself in a situation trying to save this marriage, learn to turn to God for the ultimate solution to your problems. Through prayers, the Holy Scriptures, guidance of a Christian counselor and through positive habits, you and your spouse can begin the healing and restoration process to your failing marriage.

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The percentages of failed marriages in the United States is staggering. Chances are you know someone that is separated or divorced. If you don't know someone personally you probably know someone that knows someone that is divorced. Why is this so? There are several reasons as to why most marriages fail. This article discusses the top four reasons why most marriages fail.

1. Communication - proper communication is the crux of any good relationship. Only through good communication can we know how and what our partner is feeling. Without open communication between two people we can't possibly know what and to what extent something may be bothering someone. If we can't adequately communicate then the smallest of issues can develop into major events in a relationship leading us down a troubled path. Proper communication is the start of resolving our problems.

2. Financial concerns and difficulties - most couples will experience some degree of financial difficulties. This could range from frivolous spending, accruing debt to not saving any money. Unless you are wealthy expect that you will have financial difficulties at some point in your marriage. It's when these finanical burdens begin to overtake part of the relationship that the real trouble begins. If a couple cannot come to an agreement as to how to handle their finances then tension is likely to develop. The problems worsen as one tries to solve the crisis while the other only contributes to it. This places a great deal of strain on the marriage.

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3. Marriage not based on love - many couples today get married for reasons other than love. Some get married because they feel they have to due to pressure from family or friends. Or they see all of there friends getting married so they feel they should too. So they rush into a marriage prematurely. Others get married because of premarital pregnancy. Couples that are too young and inexperienced who think they are in love will often get married. They may soon realize that they don't truly love this person or they are not mature enough to handle the more difficult relationship problems [] that may arise in a marriage.

4. Society - The value that society places on marriage is fading. You can rush off to Las Vegas and get married on the spot regardless of your background. You can live with someone and have children without ever getting married. These options really devalue marriage.

There are many reasons why most marriages fail. Societies values don't place as much emphasis on marriage so couples may no longer consider it a viable option. If they do get married and troubles arise they are quicker to disregard the marriage without trying to make it work. In this respect many marriages are doomed before they start.

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If you're going through a tough time in your marriage, you might automatically think of going to marital counseling. After all, it's one great way to help your marriage, right? Some people believe so and then again, some people believe marital counseling is actually bad for your marriage. This article discusses the pros and cons of marital counseling so you can better decide whether to go for it or rule it out altogether.

Obviously, one of the most important advantages of marital therapy is that you have the chance to repair your marriage. Often times, having someone from the outside (especially a professional) looking in will help you identify problems that you and your spouse don't see. This can help you see destructive behaviors, loss of communication and much more.

Another advantage of marital therapy is working with a professional who has worked with many other couples and their marriages. Obviously, every marriage is different but your therapist may have more or better insight into how to fix your marriage than you do. This gives you and your spouse the upper hand against the problems that are tearing your marriage apart.

For the most part, marital counseling can be a good thing for a marriage. You and your spouse have the opportunity to vent about things that upset you, you can learn better communication which is the cornerstone of a marriage and you can really work toward fixing the problems.

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On the flip side, many people believe marital therapy can make your marriage worse than it was before you started going. You will have another large bill added to your stack, which places stress on the marriage. Finances are among the top reasons for divorce! If the marital therapy proves unproductive, you still have that fat bill and nothing to show for it.

Some also believe that talking and bringing up problems from the past in marital therapy can bring up new problems or create bigger arguments. Many couples believe that it's just not worth the headache and that their problems could be solved better on their own.

In addition, some couples believe that some marriage counselors can't stay neutral. That is, some feel that the counselor, despite their best intentions, seem to favor one partner's side over another which can lead to one person feeling as if they've been "tag teamed."

Although there are pros and cons for just about everything, the ones for marital therapy are certainly worth considering. Fixing your marriage is a huge task and could be one of the most important ones in your entire life. Using the comparisons above, you can determine whether or not you think marital therapy is right for you and your spouse.

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You know your husband better than anyone else in the whole world. So the number one thing you should do to get your husband back is simple and easy. Intimacy is one thing you will have on your side, also you will understand how to use it with cunning; your husband will not see it coming. If you use this information in a good way and not to "manipulate" or "harm" you may vary well fall in love with each other all over again. Wouldn't that be perfect?

Appealing to your husband's ego is the number one thing to do to get your husband back. If you do it right he will fall in love with you all over again. Now there are rules that you may or may not know about the male ego. Male ego is vary fragile to deal with, but the woman that knows how to control it wins.

Be careful not to raise suspicion by over doing it with compliments. You will cause him to feel foolish and this will embarrass him. Only he will say nothing to you or anyone else because your husband will assume to know that you think he is secretly stupid. His reaction will be to get as far away from you as possible.

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Be careful how you play, joke, and kid around with your husband. You can joke around until it hits him to close to home with insecurity, then he will pretend to keep playing but in reality you made his stomach turn because he will know this is what you really think of him. This will ruin anything else you have to say.

Men judge by visual reaction whether or not you are happy or sad. This is key, because this is how they will know how to feel based on the way you look, by your reaction. Men judge reaction so they know how to react. A man communicates without words and he has no idea that you don't know that.

Keep in mind that these three facts will guide you as you work your charm on your husband's ego. This is why you must use your intimate knowledge of your husband. Facial expression and body language say more than any words you might use. This is what he will think about when he walks away and goes about the normal activities of his day.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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