How To Heal A Broken Marriage With God: Trusting God To Restore My Marriage

Christian marriage counseling or guidance is something I believe is vital to a Christian married couple seeking advice and direction regarding their relationship. I'm not saying that you can't get good marital advice from a non Christian counselor but you will be missing the key ingredient to a successful Christian marriage, which is placing God at the center of your marriage. If you are Christians you need to make sure you get marriage counseling from someone who can not only counsel you about your relationship with each other but put it the proper perspective according to Godly principles.

Christian couples struggle with many of the same issues in marriage that non Christians deal with such as; conflict, communication, adultery, commitment, and trust. The difference should be how Christians go about resolving their marital problems and who they seek marriage counseling from. Many marriages end up in divorce, including Christian marriages so the steps you take to resolve your marriage problems can determine the outcome.

If you are comfortable at this point discussing your marital problems with your church family, most churches have marriage Pastors on staff ready and willing to help. Their focus should be to give you Godly perspectives regarding marriage and counseling from a Christian's point of view. They will do all they can to help strengthen your marriage by providing you with sound principles and advice.

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It is vital that you take some action to work out the problems you are going through as soon as possible. You don't want to wait to long because you don't want the issues to drive you apart. The sooner you get some Christian marriage counseling or guidance the happier you will be and your relationship with God will probably be better.

I realize that it will not be easy to come to the realization that Christian marriage counseling is what you need to resolve your problems and make your marriage better. You should remember that no marriage is perfect and if you believe in your marriage and each other you should be willing to take the necessary steps to strengthen your marriage with God centered guidance.

To benefit from Christian marriage counseling couples will need to be humble and receive constructive feedback about their relationship. This can be difficult to hear objective feedback because our natural human characteristic is to be defensive. According to the bible we are to be humble and gentle, patient with other, making allowance for each other's faults because of your love. Your love and commitment to each other and your belief in God should give you the strength you encouragement you need to get Godly advice.

If your Christian beliefs are important to you and you want to strengthen your marriage then you will no doubt benefit from Christian marriage counseling.

If your marriage is important to you and you are trying to have a Christian family, then finding a Christian marriage counseling program is of the utmost importance.

Your marriage is important to God and He wants you to have not just an OK marriage but a great marriage, with God in the center of your relationship.

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Things have gotten a little bit out of hand. Your marriage which was once happy, with a ton of hope for your bright future has quickly began to go down the tubes and fast. It's amazing how fast things can start going awry, to get you to a point of worry that you're searching out help for a troubled marriage on the internet.

I know because I was in that exact situation myself. I hated the fact that I was looking for solutions to because my marriage is in trouble. I was really mostly disappointed that I was one of those people...almost like a statistic with a number on my back.

But the good thing is, and you should be proud of yourself as well, was that people like us aren't the type to sit around and let things just simply go down the tubes. We realize that we have marriage trouble, and so then we set out to do something about.

Some of what I learned was scattered throughout tons of material. Of course right, never in one easy spot. That's because there are tons of sources online with marriage advice, but most of them miss the boat by a long shot. First of all I was pretty much the only one trying to fix my marriage troubles, my wife wasn't really into it. So it was tough to find that kind of advice.

So I will admit I did a ton of research and it took a bit of trial and error to figure what actually worked and what didn't.

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Here are the Top 3 Things That I Did for My Troubled Marriage That Started Me Seeing Fast Results...

1) I Stopped Trying to Change My Wife... Hopefully you'll take this advice to heart right here and now to save you a lot of pain and suffering, as well as further trouble in the marriage.

You can't change your spouse, you can only change you. If your spouse is abusive get immediate help, or immediately get out.

Otherwise it's up to you to begin changing and improving what you can about yourself that will help improve your marriage.

2) I Stopped Asking Friends and Family for Advice (or even talking about your troubled marriage)... This took a while because let's face it, we like to vent when we're upset. We go to the people that we trust and who love us.

But the fact is these people are not objective, and are biased toward you. That's why you go to them in fact. They don't give you good advice at all. They're not in your situation, and they have no experience in giving advice on what you should do. They'll tell you what to do that they think is best for you.

Plus you'll turn them on your wife when the problems subside. Imagine if your friend kept telling you about all of the supposed horrible things that there spouse was doing to them without ever telling you their side. Wouldn't you look at that person as horrible, and judge them unfairly. Same will happen to your spouse, and you'll be left trying to desperately defend them in the long run when things turn around.

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3) I Burned the Bridge on Divorce... What this means is that I stopped thinking of divorce as an option.

Back in 210 BC, the Chinese Commander Xiang Yu led his troops to attack the army of Qin across the Yangtze River. That night his troops went to bed, knowing that they would have fight the next day. When they awoke in the morning they were horrified to learn that their ships were burning. Thinking that it was the work of the enemy they were ready to defend, but quickly realized it was no enemy at was actually their commander himself Xiang Yu!

He did this because this ensured that with no ships to get out, there was no possibility of retreat. Their only option was to WIN. They went on to win nine battles in a row and defeated the mightier Qin army.

This is precisely how I succeeded in winning in my marriage in trouble. With divorce out of my mind as option, there was no way of retreating to it.

These are the 3 things that ultimately started the process of fixing my troubled marriage.

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When you first recognize that your marriage is in danger of being over, the feelings that often follow can become overwhelming. So much so, that you find yourself doing things that you probably would have never done under any other circumstance. Many of which can have damaging consequences to your efforts to save the marriage whether you are aware of them or not. What I'd like to share with you, is some of what I've learned while saving my own marriage. Some I had to learn the hard way, and some I learned in my search to save it. All of which I hope to save you from doing more harm than good towards saving your own marriage.

You see, when I first started my search to save my marriage, I had no idea the work involved to do so. I imagined that I could fix things on my own. Usually when me and my spouse had a fallout, or would talk about ending the marriage I assumed like always that things would eventually fizzle out and time would fix everything. But, what I found out was that I was just prolonging the inevitable. That I was actually building up to the last straw. Much like bricks in a building being built, the more I let things "fizzle" out, the more they stacked against me and brought upon the day my spouse had enough.

What I'm getting at here is, although there may be the one thing that finally did it, it is actually the build up of many things. Combine that with your unknowing efforts to save it, and you have a recipe for divorce that you really have no control over nor will you ever get control if you don't work to understand them and how you can approach fixing each part.

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Many of us, when we first receive the news that our spouse is ready for divorce, end up making things worse in the process to fix it. For example, have you cried or begged that your spouse stay in the marriage, or that you can change? It's to be expected right, but did you know this can actually make things worse for you? Are you constantly fishing for answers as to why the marriage has to end? Also expected, right? But, like before it's actually doing more damage. Are you bothering them at work or has every conversation you strike up with your spouse right now end up about the marriage? Have you honestly given your spouse the space they need to actually process their decision? Ultimately, do you really know if what your saying or doing at anytime throughout your efforts to save your marriage are doing any good at all, or do they seem to just push your spouse further away?

You see, it wasn't until I fully understood that while my own intentions were good, what I thought I could do to save my marriage was all wrong. And, I realize now that, of course they were. I never really had a clue what I was doing. So, what I'm trying to say to you is, don't leave it up to yourself to save your marriage when you have so much to learn about doing it.

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