One thing that helps me keep growing is to notice my growth.

Simply observing that, “Yes, I really am growing!”

Acknowledging that helps. Even merely paying attention matters.

Because recognizing gives positive guidance and situation awareness.

Why does guidance and awareness make a difference?

Because of what happens next: inspiration.

Recognizing you're growing naturally sparks inspiration.

I find personal growth spurts are most visible when I make time for hindsight.

For example, there was a rough day. Then I decided to do my process of taking my little look back. That helped me notice I’d grown a lot. Even over just that last month.

When I looked back farther than that, I saw a lot of growth. For example: an important meeting! Even a week earlier, I’m not sure I could have handled that one anywhere near as well as I did.

I feel growth is more and more a part of me. I feel able to step beyond here and now.

I think that’s probably true for you, isn’t it?

You're handling life better at times.

You're ready to recognize your growth.

Because you are growing!

When you have a growth mindset, do you know what's next?

You’re able to face whatever challenges happen and grow from them.

You do it on any given day by choosing to continue to grow.

And you can look back at it. Doing so in a positive way reinforces yourself in a way that gives you inspiration.

That lifts you up! That helps you keep moving forward in personal growth.

You learn to deal with whatever is.

And to grow through it!

Whatever challenge arises?

Your growth mindset gets you focused on what matters to you.

When you have a rough day?

Use your personal growth mindset.

Plus, a positive look back!

Dare to ask yourself some easy questions.

Simple things such as, “Well, okay, today was a rough day –but compared to what?”

You can inoculate yourself:

You can give yourself immunity against your next rough day!

You can lay groundwork for inspiration!

You can do it right now!

Here's how.

Start by reflecting now on these 2 simple questions:

(1) Where have you BEEN? (this is the part about "compared to what?")

(2) How are you DOING NOW? (this is the insight to tell how you're growing)

That’s going to encourage you.

Inspire you to keep on keeping on.

Sure, you’re still going to have rough days.

But you know what?

You’re going to grow enough that you can handle whatever happens to you.

Dare to pause and ask yourself those two questions again:

(1) Where have you been? (this is the part about "compared to what?")

(2) How are you doing now? (this is the insight to tell how you're growing)

Repeat tomorrow!

Watch your answers change.

It’s going to take effort over time.

You’ll begin to enjoy those look back moments!

You'll begin to inspire yourself.

When you have a growth mindset and add a look-back, it makes a difference in your life.

It gives you the ability to make a difference for yourself. It will give you an ability to make a difference for other people, too.

So, I encourage you: do a positive look back.

On your rough days, dare to examine your growth.

You'll recognize that you do have growth spurts.

Today not necessarily being the biggest of them!

Occasionally, simply allow yourself a positive reflection backward.

This kind of a look back on where you've come from gives you power.

Power to inspire yourself.

So look behind today in a positive way. Make a moment right now.

Be willing to notice what’s going on for you right here and now that’s good.

Be willing to acknowledge where you’ve been – and allow yourself to be grateful for the parts of here and now that are better.

Because recognizing where you’ve been helps you to START DOING and to KEEP DOING what you need to do.

Allow yourself to look back for clues to your personal growth.

Brief reflection on your growth spurts accelerates what you're doing. It teaches you how to love yourself so that you keep moving forward in personal growth. Then you'll hit ALL your goals faster as you inspire yourself.

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