There are so many baby gift ideas you can create at home. One of the most practical is a baby blanket gift basket. Such a gift is really quite simple to make. Just be creative in animating the gift basket to make it memorable. But how do you make a baby blanket gift basket? Here are some useful tips to follow:

1. Choose a container. Traditional baby gift baskets generally use wicker baskets as a container, but you can always use other alternatives like a laundry basket, a toy box, a bucket, a baby bathtub, or even a cart. Get creative, think of a useful container that the mother can use after emptying it.

2. Select a theme or color. Depending on the baby's gender, you can follow a gender theme or other fun themes that will be reflected in the basket. Following a theme can make your job easier as it will tell you what type, color, or design is appropriate for the basket. If the baby's gender is still unknown or the mother would like to keep it a secret, then the surest way to do this is to make a gender neutral gift basket. Choose baby items in neutral colors like green, white, yellow, and orange. Other possible ones to consider are cartoons, fairy tales, sports, Barbie, jungle or zoo, etc.

3. Make a budget. Baby items are adorable, and it's easy to get carried away choosing those cute little items. With that, you'll first need to budget to avoid overspending.

4. Select baby blankets. When selecting baby blankets, consider the location and climate in which they are located. You should try to get some baby blankets for each season. Get some light blankets for the sunny season and some thick blankets for the cold season.

5. Choose additional plugins. Consider little extras as accessories in your baby blanket gift basket. Adorable baby items such as rattles, stuffed animals, teddy bears, baby mobiles, baby books, children's song CDs, pacifiers, bottles, and the like are little gifts you can add to the cart.

6. Roll up the blankets. Roll up each blanket and tie with matching ribbon. If you wish, you can give it an extra touch by adding a small rattle or stuffed toy to the bow.

7. Put on a lining and add the fillings. You can use one of your blankets to cover the surface of the basket. Once you're done, you can put all the rolled blankets in the basket. After which, add your little extra gifts by spreading them between the blankets.

8. Finish your baby blanket gift basket by decorating the container. If the basket has a handle, you can wrap it with tape or wrap the entire outside of the container. You can also use colored or transparent cellophane to wrap the entire package. Lastly, tie the top with a matching ribbon and make a bow to keep them together.

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Among the variety of personalized gifts that are becoming more famous in the world of gifts, personalized baby items comprise a large part.