Forex market is the biggest market, where foreign currencies are traded and the daily transition volume of this market is over 5 trillion of US dollar, many of the peoples are trying to invest here and try to make money but they don't know how to make foreign exchange earnings, let's take a look!

1. Choosing the direction is the key to the success of the transaction. Or in other words, be clear whether this market is a long market or a short market. Only by grasping the direction of the market and taking advantage of the trend, the possibility of making money is even greater.

2. Grasp the stop loss. Even if you don't have trading experience, you can control your risk by making a stop loss, always use stop loss which helps you to trade in an efficient manner.

3. Learn to manage funds. This is of great significance in foreign exchange investment. For example, when you are not allowed to market, you can take a short position and look at the time and heavy positions. However, investors are mostly paying more and more positions, but when they make money, they have smaller positions.

4. Overbought can be more over-buy, oversold can be more oversold. Some investors pay too much attention to technical indicators, and dare not follow the market, but instead open positions in the opposite direction. As a result, they failed to make money but lost money.

5. You should definitely keep in mind that you must crease your knowledge and experience every day. should also benefit from domestic and foreign sources through the Internet. Thus, you can handle the control of your knowledge and experience. You can achieve a high amount of earnings like successful investors.

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