We all want to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars in an instant by just trading forex. Indeed, success in forex trading can change our lives. But it's not easy to become a successful trader.
Most likely we will lose a lot of money in an instant. Having deep knowledge and skills is a must if we want to become successful traders.
Without the knowledge and knowledge of financial markets, especially forex, don't dream that you will get tens of thousands in an instant, even become rich only from forex.

We can make our forex trading easier by following some of these rules:

  • Master the method that is suitable for yourself: Most traders just start forex trading in the hope of earning a lot of money in a short time. These beginners then look for the latest indicators throughout the internet. They believe that the indicators they get will automatically help them get money. But that is the wrong step. First of all, get rid of this mentality if you want to make a lot of money on forex.
    Price reaction or commonly referred to as "Price Action" is one of the best methods that can be used to read future price movements. Analyze using Price Action itself is used by many successful traders out there. Believe it or not, please learn price action.
    If you don't match the price action method, you can learn other methods. But keep in mind, just learn one method that suits you. The mistake of beginners is to learn or change trading strategies which result will only waste time. Remember, learn 1 method and backtest on a demo account.
  • Use Large Time Frames To See Market Conditions: Many novice traders believe that they can make more money with only a small time frame. For professional traders, it is legitimate because they have got a strategy that suits them. But for a beginner, it would be better if you use a larger time frame.
    It is true that a chart with a small time frame gives more signals, but certainly, more risk will be generated. For beginners, large time frames are highly recommended for analyzing price movements.
    Try the Daily time frame. The signal produced at TF daily can be said to be more valid than the signal in the smaller TF. Receiving complete information in the last 24 hours is certainly far better than the information obtained from a one hour period.
  • Don't be too obsessed with charts: After you commit to using TF daily, it's time to stop seeing charts all the time. This is one of the bad habits that we need to get rid of. It should be okay if we look at the chart all day and not open any open positions. But in reality, seeing charts every time often leads to fatal errors.
    Remember, don't look at the chart too much, because you will be hypnotized by it and open the position carelessly.
  • Don't underestimate psychology and mentality: The psychological side also plays a big role in becoming a successful trader. Most traders only work on methods or systems without considering this psychological aspect. That's one reason why most people fail in forex. Thoughts and skills must work in harmony to become successful traders.
    It's like, forex is a war and the market is a battlefield. We must have the right mindset and think to win the battle. If we don't have it, forex will always be a difficult battle for us.
    We need to focus on and learn everything we can. Reading books or tips from professionals is the best way to strengthen our psychology and mentality. Observe and imitate their thinking and try to apply it. Learning from successful traders is the best way to become successful traders like them.
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