Nobody wants to end up in an unhappy marriage. However many of us start married life totally unprepared and are clueless on how to avoid falling into an unhappy marriage. In this article I will highlight the key elements you should look out for in order to establish the foundations for a happy marriage.

Marriages take constant work. They cannot succeed by themselves. When couples care about each other, their marriage thrives and provides ample security for the good of the whole family. Just like any living thing, a marriage must be nourished and nurtured if both spouses want to make it grow and preserve its existence. How not to end up in an unhappy marriage, becomes the primary responsibility of the couple who have committed themselves to it and both spouses should do their utmost to work towards the good of the marriage.

Accept your difference and show kindness to each other

Be kind to each other and accept your partner for what he or she is. If you can manage to be kind to others, why not to your own husband or wife? Showing kindness means you respect and value the person you married. Wanting the best for your partner and believing that he or she is also filled with good intentions are important in making your marriage work.

It is not always easy to be pleasant and cool especially when one is tired and stressed out from the activities of the day. But you must always make the effort to be kind with your words and actions. A calm response and an easy smile will always be appreciated. The person you married is a unique individual distinct from you.

You should not attempt to change him or her. Your partner is not something that you can alter according to your taste. Love the person for what he or she is. You can only inspire him or her to become a better person. Acceptance of each other’s limitations does not mean that your marriage is weak. It only means that you know each other too well.

Learn to compromise

Learn the value of compromising. In a marriage, things will not always go your way. Misunderstandings and heated arguments are not uncommon. It is always better to air and vent out these things rather than keeping it in to fester and rot. But of course, choose your battles wisely. Remember that words can be hurtful and are not easily forgotten nor taken back once they are spoken. Always put yourself in your husband’s or wife’s shoes. Try to see things his or her way, so you can have a better understanding of where the other person is coming from.

Every couple has a basic idea on how to make a marriage work. No one really has the exact formula for it. The basic precepts of love, loyalty, and commitment remain universal in every married couple. But experience and common sense will guide couples in working towards their ideal marriage and avoid falling into the trap of an unhappy marriage.

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Many people stuck in an unhappy marriage wonder where they went wrong. There is not just one answer to their question, as every marriage is unique. An unhappy marriage is often the combination of many factors such as bad communication and lack of commitment.