The goal for many small businesses like yourself is to attract more shoppers and generate more sales. But, how can you stand out and make the most of Small Business Saturday? Here are some ideas to consider for a successful Small Business Saturday:

- Utilize Email Marketing  - The best way to get news that you have to share out to hundreds of potential consumers at the touch of a button is through emails. With email marketing, you can send your subscribers an invitation to your Small Business event. 
- Post Signage (Digitally + Physically) - It’s important to remind your customers about Small Business Saturday by putting up promotional signage. Be sure to post it digitally on your website and social media platforms, and on your physical storefront. American Express even offers customizable free signage and marketing materials to help you promote Small Business Saturday to your customers.
- Collaborate with Other Small Businesses - Find out who else in your community is hosting an event on Small Business Saturday and see if there’s room for you to collaborate. Start by seeing what local businesses within walking distance are participating and then start reaching out to others in the community. Present the idea of cross-promoting your businesses to reach new potential consumers.  It’s all in the spirit of Small Business Saturday to support others who are striving to live out their dreams while making a living. So, don’t be afraid to reach out to your inner circle and new faces, because either way, you’ll have something in common.
- Hand Out a Freebie - An added incentive to get customers in your shop or on your eCommerce site is giving away a freebie. If you have a physical store, consider handing out a cup of coffee or creating an experience with live music and a hot chocolate bar. If you’re based online, consider giving away a free coupon or gift with purchase. No matter how big or small, the gesture will be appreciated. It also leaves a lasting impression if it’s something customers can take home and use. Don’t go too far into throwing your logo on cups and koozies, this should be a genuine gesture.

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