Money management is not an obscure terminology. This concept means knowledge and ability to manage your trading account in Forex Market. While this may seem too simple, it is a key to the long-term success of a forex trader. At the same time, this mechanism is often forgotten in the most reckless, but responsible moments. We want to comment on the basic rules and insist that you will be able to manage your trading account effectively. Don't look for huge profits, often ending with huge losses. A successful trade is a continuous trade in which a small profit forms a decent income over time. Don't make sure that all your trades are profitable You have to be prepared for the loss. There are some methods of how to manage your money.

Use a Limit Order
Learn to effectively stop and limit orders. They save your money and help make money. These fairly simple tips can dramatically change the state of your account.

The Size of the Transaction
We recommend opening small transactions because if they become unprofitable then you can make a big deal in the opposite direction for the loss.

Practice on a Free Demo Account
Practice with a free demo account. All companies offer a full-featured version of the demo platform, and you can use a virtual deposit trading account. The program works the same way as on a real platform, and you don't risk real money. We recommend that you practice on a demo account, become familiar with the platform and gain trading experience.
Keep in mind that this is a very easy management method of money, but it is difficult to apply in practice. Once you've used your money to develop your own successful management system, try to stick to it and don't let your emotions get more and more profitable in a long-term way, even if it means humility, short-term loss trading.

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