I know how hard it is to find relief from the pain of breakup as I have got my heart ripped out from my chest and stomped on the floor. So, I will tell you how to come from another side of life where you can’t forget but can give relief yourself.
#Switch The Links From Pleasure To Pain
The first thing that really works, because we need to understand ‘how the brain works? On the stem of our brain, we have something called the ”hippocampus” and the amygdala. Hippocampus saves short and long memories, an amygdala is responsible for emotions. By understanding these two parts we know what stores in our brain. when we are in pain or pleasure we remember those things and then it stays ingrained. So after a breakup, you will be thinking about ”happy moments” before the breakup.

We have to learn how to switch, how to flick the switch. It is very simple because we are thinking about all the positive things right now, now flick the switch and Chan thoughts into thinking the arguments that happened, the fighting, the pain that you put each other through or maybe the harsh words. Take yourself into that moment, if you give yourself that constant reminder daily. It will allow you to ease off that attachment because you start to detach when there is a pain in that situation.
#Power Of ‘Now’
Actually being in now is not so hard because if your mind is drifting right now and thinking of the pain or whatever has happened .all you need to do is very simple, take a deep breath now, looks casual but this method works, when you take a breath you release what you are thinking already. After a breath, relax and think about why it is not good to be with him or her. This moment is the only moment that matters keep it in your mind, you can only scroll your past to feel pain nothing else.
#Are You Great Enough?
What is true love? If you really love someone, it means you want ownership of that person. If you love someone, you want best for them, you are so great, you are able to even let them go to set free. I believe that’s true love. So question you should ask yourself in this consciousness that, are you great enough? So if you are just cut the card. I admit you will feel the pain but always understand this pain is temporary.

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Nature is our best indication that how this life is going on. There are no storms that last forever. These three things will help you to heal the wound of a breakup. It is not easy just take practice and it will help you.

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