Peanut chutney is the usual accompaniment of breakfast dishes such as Upma, Pongal, pesarattu, Dosa, Vada and my house, so prepare peanut chutney quite often. Also an adequate substitute for coconut chutney. Fresh coconut is an essential thing here in Ohio, because it is called when a hot sauce recipe, because I'm usually home classic crowd pleaser and an Andhra delight ~ peanut chutney (Telugu language Pachad Buddala).


Peanut chutney ingredients

1 cup – peanuts

5 dried red peppers

1 small onion and a clove of garlic - chopped into pieces

2 teaspoons - tamarind paste or to taste

½ c. teaspoon salt or to taste For stocks or Tadka - 1 teaspoon each - cumin, mustard seeds, urad dal and six curry leaves

The first step is to bake the peanuts.

Place an iron skillet on the stove over medium heat and slowly roasted peanuts until golden. When cool, polish the skin. I like the taste of roasted peanuts shaped in this method of slow cooking.


In a race, be fast to prepare, then I go for the microwave method.. Prefer a large container in the microwave and large. Peanuts and microwave place for 2-4 minutes, exposed. What is the speed depends on the burning process is done in the power of the microwave and the amount of peanuts.


After each minute in the microwave, remove the container and mix the peanuts with a ladle or a revolving for even cooking. Microwave again for a minute and recur the process. Continue until creamy peanut turn light brown. I must warn you, as a process of roasting in the microwave method is a delicate and a split second perfectly golden peanuts turn to coal black. Be careful and pay attention to this process, if this is the first time. Once you get the hang of it really is child's play for peanuts roasted in a microwave oven.


Heat a tablespoon of oil to smoking point in an iron. Add brown and dried red peppers, onion and garlic. Wait a few minutes to cool. This cooling process increases somewhat the flavor of hot sauce and save greatly blade mixer motor to melt. Take roasted peanuts in a blender / food. Grind to a fine.


Add remaining ingredients and salt and a cup tamarind water. Grind until fine consistency .Remove the hot sauce in a bowl Do people or Tadka (toast ingredients of the population above half a teaspoon of oil in a container), add to sauce. The grass is always the last thing we do.


For dishes such as Upma breakfast, dosa, idli etc. always a bit of liquid hot sauce . If the chutney is for rice (yes, he knows very well with rice too) I would make the chutney little tight with as little water as possible.

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