Dust mites cause allergy everywhere. Moreover, their number may be in millions and may be feeding in your bedding, soft furnishings, carpets, clothes and everywhere where there is any sign of dust. They are the tiny creatures with an enormous breeding. Hence, it requires a great deal of patience to get rid of all of them.

A single dust mite on an average produces a waste of 200 times more than its weight. This waste acts as a trigger to initiate a number of health problems e.g. coughing, breathing difficulties, nasal congestion, watery eyes, and itching. Hence, they do not let anyone sleep peacefully by letting them awake several times at night.

Although it is not possible to remove them completely from home, you can follow precautions to reduce their number drastically and this way their threat is reduced as well. Let’s have a look at the steps to reduce the number of dust mites briefly:

Wash Your Bedding Regularly

In order to get rid of dust mites, we recommend you to wash the bedding regularly. The dust mites do not possess ability to survive in high temperature. Hence, washing your bedding at 140°F or 60°C is suitable to destroy the dust mites. If some mites have survived this temperature of washing, they will definitely be killed by the heat produced by dryer. The washing on weekly basis will moreover keep the population of dust mites just in control.

Make Use of an Anti-bacterial mattress along with Mattress Cover

There may be around 10,000 to one million dust mites in your mattress. They can cause several allergic reactions. It is advisable to buy an anti-bacterial and anti-allergen mattress protector. It acts as a shield between the body and the dust mites. This protector also does not let the dead skin to reach the dust mites. The dust mites usually feed on the dead skin cells from the body.

Never Make Your Bed Early in the Morning

After waking up, try to give a good airing to the bed. Do not make the bed soon however after getting up. The airing dries the moisture excreted out from our bodies throughout the night and absorbed in the mattress. As dust mites grow favorably in moisture, the dried up beds hence make their survival difficult.

Lessen the Use of Duvets and Feather Pillows

The feather pillows provide an ideal shelter to the dust mites. The feather pillows being rich in moisture provide ideal conditions for growth of dust mites. Try to reduce the risk by using synthetic duvets and pillows however that are hypoallergenic by nature. Make it a habit to wash them once or twice a week at 40°F or 60°C. This is such a magical temperature for the devastation of dust mites.

Hard Flooring should Replace Carpets

Carpets are usually a heaven to dust mites. Carpets trap dead skin and the dust mites get their nutrition from dead skin. Hence, it is better to remove the carpets and instead of carpets one should replace them by hard floorings like laminate, tiles, and linoleum. This is such a magical method of eliminating dust mites. Another option is that you can buy carpet sprays for dust mites. But hard flooring is the best solution for dust mites.

Try Controlling Humidity and Temperature

Dust mites survive ideally at a temperature range between 75°F and 80°F which is usually 24°C and 27°C and the humidity must be about 70% to 80%. Conditions out of this range kill them necessarily and push them out of their survival conditions or comfort zone. Additionally, try to adjust the temperature of your house not more than 70°F or 21°C. This is regarded as a normal and healthy temperature for humans but this temperature makes the survival of dust mites difficult. Try to keep the relative humidity of your bedroom and home to less than 50%. This humidity level reduces the reproductive capacity of dust mites.

Try Keeping Out Pets from Bedroom

Dust mites actually love to feed on pet dander. Hence, try to keep the pets in your garage or outside your living area to reduce your exposure to dust mites.

Remove Curtains, Cushions, and Soft Furnishings

Curtains and soft furnishings are a paradise for stubborn dust mites. It is the fabric usually which traps the moisture and dust on which dust mites feed and protects them from possible threats. Every time you sit over a cushion or unfold the curtains, you discharge the debris of dust mites in the air. You can avoid this by replacing curtains with blinds which are also easy to clean and replacing the fabric cushions with leather cushions or artificial leather. Moreover, the soft furnishings can be cleaned by a vacuum cleaner.

Try Using a Steam Cleaner

Cleaning by a Steam cleaner is the best option for the objects that are not washed by the washing machine. Steam cleaners are used on curtains, carpets, cushions, bathroom or kitchen surfaces and in various other places. The steam by moist heating kills bacteria, removes dirt and kills the dust mites as well.

Clean Regularly

Regular cleaning is necessary to keep the dust mites in control. Moreover, they have an exponential breeding rate. Try to clean the areas at home many times in a week where dust accumulates in bulk. Use a damp soft cloth or microfiber dusters moreover to clean the dusty areas that actually pick up the dust instead of simply moving over the objects.

Following the above steps, we do not guarantee for a complete elimination of dust mites. But, we can definitely assure that their population will be in control.

Availing professional help, however, is the best solution to get rid of stubborn dust mites completely from your mattresses. Trust only the experts and give a call on 1800 071 250 to avail the services of the Deluxe Mattress Cleaning Adelaide.

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